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dead like me!

i noticed last week that dead like me is re-running in the sci-fi channel, and i was ecstatic! it's one of my favorite series EVER, and it's so sad that it got cancelled, it was so good. hmmm, i wonder why all my favorite series get cancelled after the second season? first joan of arcadia, then dead like me. and with JoA i can sort of understand, because there was no way the second season could top the first one, but with DLM i actually liked the second season better so it was really a shock when they cancelled it. i wish i could buy the DVDs but alas, my budget's very reduced nowadays =/

anyway, here you have like a ton of DLM icons, just because i'm so happy that i can watch the series again. there's a lot of mason (because he's like the best character ever, isn't he? ^^), and more mason/daisy than you can shake a stick at (because i do so love that couple!), and there's also a little bit of all the other reapers... except betty. i wanted to make betty icons but her pictures just weren't cooperating with me #_# so i'll leave it for next time.

style-wise, basically every single one of these icons has a blue selective color layer, and an upped saturation layer, both of which seem to be very popular lately among icon-makers. now i know why ^.^ they're really cool, and very easy to use. the pictures come from here, here and here.

this has been x-posted everywhere. i'm sorry if you got it on your f-list like 20 times ^^;;;

_28 dead like me (mason, mason/daisy, daisy, george, rube, roxy)

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