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tutorial #15-- natalia boa vista

here's the natalia tutorial, as requested by kyoy! in this one i'll keep my explanations short, because i'm kind of in a hurry. sorry if you wanted more details... lol, generally people just want me to shut up but if there's something you'd like me to explain in more depth, just go ahead and ask in a comment and i'll answer to the best of my knowledge, as soon as i can.

how to go from this:

to this:

in PS7. involves selective coloring, so it's only partially translatable to PSP or GIMP, sorry =( feel free to check my tutorials guide-- someone else might've made a tutorial that can replicate this effect in other programs. also, keep in mind that this still does not work with every picture. play with the settings if you can.

***PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS EXACTLY!*** try to learn what i think while i'm making these instead of just copying and pasting every single layer onto your images, ok?

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i hope you found this tutorial useful, and i would love to see your results, so please comment! if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. and if you like my icons/graphics and/or want to know how i made them, be sure to step by wakizashi_. i'd be glad to help you ^^
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tutorial #14-- ryan & calleigh

hello, everybody! it's been a while since i've posted here, hasn't it? i haven't been iconing much lately-- i'm more focused on making layouts and wallpapers, to be honest. i'll have a post up soon, don't worry. in the meanwhile, i finally got off my ass and decided to work out some tutorials that were requested AGES ago. sorry for the lateness, i know i suck ^^;;;

before i start on it, though, i have an announcement to make: since i'm in need of some extra cash lately, i turned to webdesign, which is basically the only thing i'm good at besides chemical engineering (well, i can write decently, too, but i don't particularly think that will keep me out of poverty any time soon). so, if you're ever in need of a good layout for your site, visit she seems webdesign and place an order! our prices are very affordable and i will make sure you get exactly what you need ^_^ i'll still be making free stuff and posting it here, but if you're looking for custom stuff, she seems is the way to go.

alright, then! onto the tutorial now! this one was requested by cinzina, who wanted to know how i did the coloring on this graphic.

all of this was done in PS7. it pretty much revolves around selective coloring, so it's not translatable. sorry, PSP & GIMP users :( BUT! feel free to check my tutorials guide-- some other talented graphic maker might've made a tutorial that's able to replicate this effect in other programs.

if you DO have photoshop and CAN use selective coloring, keep in mind that this still does not work with every picture. in fact, i'd say it's heavily image-sensitive, more so than any other tutorial i've made. everything depends on the quality of your original image and its inherent coloring, and more than anything on the contrast. there are some unconventional steps here that work in my case, but might make your graphics look absolutely psychedelic. i wouldn't recommend using this on whole batches of icons or such, because you'll end up with some really weird stuff.

***PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS EXACTLY!*** try to learn what i think while i'm making these instead of just copying and pasting every single layer onto your images, ok? remember it might not work for every single image out there, fiddle with the settings if you have to.

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here's the layers palette, in case my incessant rambling made you get lost somewhere. as always, i hope you found this tutorial useful, and i would love to see your results, so please comment! and if you like my icons/graphics and/or want to know how i made them, be sure to step by wakizashi_. i'd be glad to help you with anything ^^

i'll be back soon, 'cause i've got two other tutorials to do, and hopefully some graphics are coming as well! =)
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champloo + CSIM + psych + HP header-sized

hmmmm. suddenly, i got the urge to make champloo icons. sadly, i don't have that many great champloo images. so there's only three of them. suuuuucks =/

more psych! pretty uninspired... (oh, and BTW, i screencapped the whole of psych 01.15-- scary sherry, bianca's toast-- in case anyone's interested. it's my new favorite episode xD) more CSIM, this time from 04.04 - "48 hours to life"; hah, i actually like these graphics. the HP graphics are based on my colorings from this batch, if only because i loved the photocall images.

the ron icons... uh, need i say which was my favorite part of deathly hallows? i SO wish the character poster for the seventh movie has ron in a similar position. because he is just AWESOME like that =3 when i read the book, i told myself i HAD to make me an icon like this. i was actually going to keep the icons to myself (mine, MINE! *wrestles*) but i figured other ron fans might like them and heck, the boy needs more lovin' in this fandom (or at least in MY side of the fandom), so it couldn't hurt. everybody, show your LUVV for king weasley!! ^.^

this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

36 icons, and 33 graphics total...

_3 champloo | fuu, jin
_17 psych | juliet, shawn, shawn/jules, shawn & gus, lassy
_12 csi miami | eric, ryan/calleigh, calleigh, ryan
_6 csi miami header-sized graphics | ryan/calleigh, calleigh
_1 harry potter | ron --> WARNING! DH SPOILER! | +variations
_13 harry potter header-sized graphics | the DA, ron, the trio (actors) | +variations

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multifandom like whoa!

...well, as far as fandoms go, this one's a doozy.

first there's some psych, to celebrate season 2 finally airing here in september! (you guys up @ the north are lucky that you're already getting it... *sigh*). not much to comment on these; most of them are kind of busy, but some i really like.

the house icons came out of the blue. and they're pretty simple. the exact opposite of busy, in fact; perhaps too empty. go figure. but again, some of them i do honestly like a lot. like the chase/cam icons. because i'm SO in denial about jessifer's break-up. mass hallucination, i tell you! it's all a conspiracy! *cries*

we have some more CSIM, from 04.03, "prey." do you realize i'm only three episodes into season 4, as far as my icon-making from my saved caps goes? that means i still have to go through all my caps of seasons 4 and 5 to be done with my CSIM to-icon list. it's crazy. i also made some graphics, including a calleigh one in the style of my "burn, baby, burn" horatio graphic. hmmm, maybe i should start a series with all the characters...

and about the HP... more like emma watson, really. i know i said i'd make some rupert & emma from the french OotP photocall/premiere, but the caps from emma @ the today show were first on the list and i didn't remember. i don't much care for iconing only emma, but i have to admit she makes some gorgeous icons. and anyway, i couldn't help making some trio graphics as well. those of you who have the comm friended might recognize one of them ;)

and lastly, last week i finally caught up with the bleach manga, and i felt somewhat compelled to color some of it. i wasn't going to make icons of that but i figured i could just cut & resize since they were already colored ^^;;; so here you have 'em.

89 icons, and 8 graphics total...

_12 bleach manga (possible spoilers for recent chapters! ulquiorra, orihime, shirosaki, ichigo, ichihime, ishida, nejibana, noitora, szayeru, szayeru & ishida, ulquihime)
_11 csi miami (calleigh, ryan/calleigh, ryan, natalia, eric/calleigh, eric) + variations
_4 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh, natalia, calleigh) + variations
_11 house MD (cameron, house, chase/cameron, cuddy, house/cuddy, the ducklings) + variations
_10 emma watson (from the today show & russian elle girl) + variations
_2 header-sized HP&OotP graphics (the trio in and out of character)
_7 HP&OotP & cast (from the graphics)
_23 psych (shawn, gus, juliet, shawn/juliet) + variations
_1 psych wallpaper (the whole cast from the season 2 promos)

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still plugging!: a rather indecent proposal, my post-DH, ron/luna fanfic.
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CSIM + HP cast + song lyrics

okay, so i was going to post these yesterday... *looks at watch, says 1:18 am* ...but my mom ambushed me and i couldn't really get to my laptop until just a couple hours ago. but hey, better late than never, i say.

see? i told you CSIM would be back! ^_^ and here are those "hand, foot and wand" ceremony icons i've been promising for ages, along with some more lyric icons. as far as coloring goes, i tried some weird stuff with these, mixing channel mixer layers with brown exclusion and luminosity, and i think it shows in the (very funky) results. *shrugs* hey, i like them, at least xD

next batch will see to it that i make some emma & rupert icons from the french photocall/premiere, probably. maybe more OotP. expect more CSIM as well, there are a couple of calleigh screencaps that are dying to be iconed-- and my list of CSIM pics overall is still quite long, at that. dunno what else, depends on my mood.

58 icons, and 20 graphics total...

_12 csi miami (calleigh, ryan, horatio, ryan/calleigh, eric)
_2 header-sized csi miami graphics (both ryan/calleigh)
_18 HP cast (the trio, rupert/emma, dan/emma, emma, rupert & dan, rupert) + variations
_6 header-sized HP cast graphics (rupert/emma, emma, dan/emma, the trio) + variations
_11 song lyrics icons

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plugging!: a rather indecent proposal, my post-DH, ron/luna fanfic.
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CSIM + hannah montana + lost

i saw "curse of the coffin" yesterday. so you see, i couldn't help myself xD the HM icons are pretty uninspired. what can i say? they're a bit rushed. as for coloring, the usual, only i was actually going for weird this time ^^;;; the eric/ryan & horatio/natalia graphics? i've no idea where they came from, i don't even ship those couples. funny, i guess the caps were just too good not to use them. now excuse me while my lack of modesty and i go and snog the "burn, baby, burn" graphic-- we're in love, you see... *rushes out*

this post is VERY image-heavy. you've been warned.

57 icons & 30 graphics total...

_18 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan, horatio, calleigh, emily procter, ryan/calleigh, natalia, eric/ryan, horatio/natalia) + variations
_15 csi miami & cast (from the header-sized graphics) + variations
_14 hannah montana & cast (emily osment, emily & miley, emily+miley+mitchel, miley & lilly, miley cyrus, oliver/lilly) + variations
_13 lost (claire, charlie+claire+aaron, charlie/claire, jack/kate, charlie) + variations

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still plugging: jontogo_ftw
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CSIM + hannah montana + real madrid

...ever made icons just for the sake of making icons? that's how this batch started. then, real madrid won the spanish league championship yesterday and my inspiration came back in a flash =D which is probably the reason why i looooove the real madrid icons, even if i think the CSIM & HM icons are completely sucky. of course, that could be that i'm just biased because MADRID QUEDO CAMPEON!! LA CIBELES ESTA DE FIESTA, SEÑORAS Y SEÑORES!! yeaaaaaahhhh xD

i was going to make some more CSIM header-sized stuff... it just didn't happen. but wait for it, because it'll come with the next batch. there's too little R/C in this one and i'm about to go into withdrawal ^^;;;

102 icons total...

_14 csi miami & cast (horatio/marisol, eric, horatio, calleigh, FRANK TRIPP!, emily procter, ryan/calleigh) + variations
_24 hannah montana & cast (miley & lilly, miley, hannah, hannah & lola, miley+lilly+oliver, oliver/lilly, oliver, lilly) + variations
_37 real madrid vs. mallorca match & the victory celebration (iker, michel, higuain, ruud, raul, guti, sergio ramos, roberto carlos & david, cannavaro, diarra, fernando gago, various celebration shots) + variations

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CSIM + CSINY + everwood + lost

before i say anything regarding this batch, i have two things i have to say. first:

if you're a fan of jonathan togo, who plays ryan wolfe in csi miami, please consider joining our new community, jontogo_ftw:

...because that man totally wins at life. how can anyone not love him? ^__________^

second point of order, if you can, please do me a favor and rate my icons in my latest pick my best post? it would mean a lot to me. thankies ^^

and now, onto the iconage. due to my finding new, high-quality CSIM images, i started this batch out by wanting to try some daring and sharp coloring. lots of dramatic selective coloring and difference layers. this is what you'll see in most of the CSIM icons. the usual characters apply, though i'm especially proud of iconing natalia, because she needs some lovin' in the fandom, and eric, who i've been almost neglecting so far. even some strange ships that you wouldn't expect from me but the images were too good not to use them ^^;;;

by the time i moved onto CSINY, the images were even better quality because they were promo images... it didn't take too much to make them look different. therefore, the coloring is a bit more subtle but still sharp, i would say. i'm happy because i finally managed to make lindsay icons ^.^ i was waiting to icon her. and i got hawkes into one, even if he's not by himself. the rest is the usual stella (the woman's gorgeous, her icons come out right no matter what i do to them. kinda like calleigh), danny and the boys. i wanted to make some danny/lindsay (because i just saw "sleight out of hand" like an hour ago!) but the D/L images are waaaayyy down the list for some reason...

everwood? it's been ages since i made an everwood icon. but i've been watching the series as it reruns on the WB, from the very first chapter, and i'm remembering why i loved it so much. i had never even seen the first season before! so i decided to make icons. they're all ephramy because i just love them... though i wanted to make some bright/hannah icons, but they didn't come out right. maybe i'll make some of those for next batch. coloring's pretty normal in these ones, i'd think. buncha selective coloring and such.

and for lost, i had to go and make a bunch of charlie/claire icons because i JUST found out what happens at the end of the season... AXN has only aired up to "exposé" at the moment, so that's as far as i've seen. and speaking of "exposé," that episode is the reason you'll find the couple odd boone and paulo icons in the midst of all the C&C-ness. THANK YOU, JJ ABRAMS AND CREW. kill all my favorite characters, why don't you? oh, wait, you already did >.< i have to say this again. THANK YOU, JJ ABRAMS AND CREW. way to break my heart. maybe i should start liking john locke, that way he'll finally kick the bucket. but no, with my luck, he'll be the last man standing. yeah, i know that's the way it'll go... anyway, the coloring in the lost icons is much more subtle, mainly because the images are so much lighter. outdoors and such. but i find i quite like the subtle touch to them, i hope you do too.

what can you expect in the next batch? pretty much the same as this one. i still have about a million images of these series to go through xD

104 icons total...

_24 csi miami (calleigh, ryan, ryan/calleigh, jon togo, eric, eric/natalia/ryan, natalia, eric/natalia, horatio, something that could be interpreted as ryan/valera, ryan & eric) + variations
_4 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh) + variations
_11 csi ny (stella, lindsay, mac/stella, flack, danny, flack & hawkes, mac) + 1 variation
_8 everwood (greg/emily, ephram/amy) + variations
_15 lost (charlie/claire, charlie, boone, claire, paulo) + variations

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still plugging: in too deep, my CSIM fanfic, which DONE now! DONE! *does happy dance*
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csi miami + csi ny + heroes + OotP

i saw some great episodes last week of my favorite series, and some that i've just started to watch so i made some icons. they're kinda sucky and uninspired, but i know i won't be making any tomorrow or even the day after because i want to work on one of my fanfics, so i wanted to get these out to you guys now instead of keeping them until i made more... and possibly forget them. so here you have 'em. some of the CSIM ones are directly cropped from my last header-sized graphics batch, from the graphics that weren't made from icons in the first place. also included a couple more header-sized CSIM images, with their respective lyrics right below as always.

there might be some spoilers in the heroes icons. and for those of you who are ryan/calleigh fans, be sure to check out some screencaps i took from their argument in CSIM episode 5.23, "kill switch".

i'll definitely be back around next weekend with more of these. for sure i'll make more miami icons because i just found some new pics. and also NY and heroes because i've tons of pics yet to use. i think i'll make some lost next time as well, because i just watched "par avion" for the second time today and it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy =3 with some luck, next batch will be much better than this one.

_13 csi miami (ryan/calleigh, ryan, horatio) + variations
_3 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh, ryan, horatio) + variations
_6 csi ny (stella, danny, flack, mac, mac/stella) + variations
_10 heroes (petrelli brothers, petrelli family, claire, mohinder, niki, niki&dl&micah, peter, hiro) + variations
_14 harry potter OotP & actors (harry, h/hr, the trio, ron, hermione, luna and also dan/emma, dan, emma, rupert from the teen vogue photoshoot) + variations

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plugging: in too deep, my CSIM fanfic, which is sadly nearing its end now =(
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tutorial #9-- "sometimes"

at dutchie_1991's request i present you with a tutorial for one of the graphics in my last CSIM batch. i hope you all find it useful.

***PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS EXACTLY!*** try to learn what i think while i'm making these instead of just copying and pasting every single layer onto your images, ok? remember it might not work for every single image out there, fiddle with the settings it if you have to.

we'll be making this, in PS7 (though it is translatable to PSP and GIMP, at least, as it doesn't use selective coloring, only color balance layers):

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as always, here's the layers palette, just in case you got lost somewhere along the way. i hope you found this useful! please comment, i'd love to see your results! and if you like my icons/graphics and/or want to know how i made them, step by wakizashi_! i'll be glad to help ^-^