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boys be + bebop!!

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hey, all! i come with an admittedly small, but pretty good-- if i do say so myself-- batch ^^;;; we've two new series here! or well, one series i saw a long time ago but have never made icons out of: cowboy bebop! mainly icons of single characters AND spike/faye because they rule my world. aaaand one i just saw recently: boys be! just three icons this time because it's awfully hard to find good pics of this series... besides i just really love the guys so it's just them this time... i don't much like the girls... only yumi, and she's like the hardest character to get pics of. so only three BB icons this time. i wanted to make some breakfast club icons 'cuz i'm kind of in a BC hype at the moment but alas, the muse just wasn't cooperating for non-animated icons, so... anyway, i hope you like them! ^__________^

_3 boys be (kyoichi & makoto, kenjou, kyoichi)
_8 cowboy bebop (spike/faye, spike, faye, jet, vicious)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i (hopefully) will soon!).


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