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bleach, HP, and a bunch more multifandom!

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3 wallpapers, & 46 icons total...

_1 avatar: the last airbender icon
| zutara
_2 bleach manga wallpapers | hitsugaya, ishihime
_21 bleach manga icons | hitsugaya, ishida, orihime, ishihime, starrk, soi fong
_2 hannah montana & cast icons | miley + emily + mitchel, oliver/lilly
_1 hannah montana cast FO banner | miley + emily + mitchel
_3 house MD icons | chase/cameron
_1 harry potter wallpaper | the trio
_15 harry potter icons | the trio (some individual and in pairs), harry/hermione
_1 harry potter header-sized banner | the trio
_3 neon genesis evangelion icons | shinji, asuka, shinji/asuka
_1 robin hood (bbc) icon | robin/marian

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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

multifandom like whoa!

...well, as far as fandoms go, this one's a doozy.

first there's some psych, to celebrate season 2 finally airing here in september! (you guys up @ the north are lucky that you're already getting it... *sigh*). not much to comment on these; most of them are kind of busy, but some i really like.

the house icons came out of the blue. and they're pretty simple. the exact opposite of busy, in fact; perhaps too empty. go figure. but again, some of them i do honestly like a lot. like the chase/cam icons. because i'm SO in denial about jessifer's break-up. mass hallucination, i tell you! it's all a conspiracy! *cries*

we have some more CSIM, from 04.03, "prey." do you realize i'm only three episodes into season 4, as far as my icon-making from my saved caps goes? that means i still have to go through all my caps of seasons 4 and 5 to be done with my CSIM to-icon list. it's crazy. i also made some graphics, including a calleigh one in the style of my "burn, baby, burn" horatio graphic. hmmm, maybe i should start a series with all the characters...

and about the HP... more like emma watson, really. i know i said i'd make some rupert & emma from the french OotP photocall/premiere, but the caps from emma @ the today show were first on the list and i didn't remember. i don't much care for iconing only emma, but i have to admit she makes some gorgeous icons. and anyway, i couldn't help making some trio graphics as well. those of you who have the comm friended might recognize one of them ;)

and lastly, last week i finally caught up with the bleach manga, and i felt somewhat compelled to color some of it. i wasn't going to make icons of that but i figured i could just cut & resize since they were already colored ^^;;; so here you have 'em.

89 icons, and 8 graphics total...

_12 bleach manga (possible spoilers for recent chapters! ulquiorra, orihime, shirosaki, ichigo, ichihime, ishida, nejibana, noitora, szayeru, szayeru & ishida, ulquihime)
_11 csi miami (calleigh, ryan/calleigh, ryan, natalia, eric/calleigh, eric) + variations
_4 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh, natalia, calleigh) + variations
_11 house MD (cameron, house, chase/cameron, cuddy, house/cuddy, the ducklings) + variations
_10 emma watson (from the today show & russian elle girl) + variations
_2 header-sized HP&OotP graphics (the trio in and out of character)
_7 HP&OotP & cast (from the graphics)
_23 psych (shawn, gus, juliet, shawn/juliet) + variations
_1 psych wallpaper (the whole cast from the season 2 promos)

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still plugging!: a rather indecent proposal, my post-DH, ron/luna fanfic.
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bleach + evangelion + harry potter + naruto

[x-posted] all over the place.

oof. small batch, and i don't really like it, but i have no time to scrap it and start over because i'll be terribly busy at LEAST until friday, maybe even after that. BUT! i hope you feel better about it than i do. so here you go! ^-^

_5 bleach (ishida, hitsugaya, ulquiorra, that little arrancar girl...)
_10 evangelion (shinji/asuka, kaworu, rei & asuka, gendo/yui, the children) + many variations
_4 harry potter & OotP (trio, da-- mostly text)
_5 naruto (gaara, naruto, sakura, neji) + many variations

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plugging: so not zen!, the mighty podcast.
freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

bleach icons + hagaren wall!

hey guys! i bring like a ton of icons from my newest fandom-- bleach! this bunch has a lot of light and also a lot of difference layers as always... though i did notice that they're a little more blurry than usual. anyway, i hope you like them!

nousia, i still remember that i promised you ExT icons in this batch-- they're coming over the weekend! i've only made like... two so far. i still want to make more, but i wanted to get rid of these bleach icons first. so fear not, some ExT is coming soon. sorry for the delay! ^^;;; and more bleach is sure to come, too, because i haven't even tried iconing with the colored manga scans yet.

_18 bleach (chado, shiro-chan, ichiruki, ichigo, orihime, ishihime, ishida, renji, byakuya, zangetsu)
_1 hagaren wallpaper (edo+win+aru)

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