November 22nd, 2007

freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

wallpapers & icons!

i discovered that gundam wing is airing in one of the local channels in the morning! YAY! instant inspiration =3 i've hardly ever made any gundam graphics. i was only going to make one wallpaper, but, see, the problem with gundam is that it means i'm handling pics of the five hottest anime guys ever. that means i can never choose a favorite pic >.< hence the 4 wallpapers. i just can't decide which one i like better ;_;

and hello to my newest fandom-- BBC's robin hood. i wasn't going to make graphics this soon (i've only seen 3 eps) but jonas armstrong is just too gorgeous not to stare at his pictures. and staring leads to iconing, in my experience. it's inevitable ;)

background textures are all by the lovely thia at hybrid genesis! ^_^

5 wallpapers, 2 header-sized graphics & 102 icons total...

_4 gundam wing wallpapers
| the 5 pilots
_52 gundam wing icons | from the wallpapers
_1 HP & DH header-sized image | the trio | + 1 variation
_1 HP & DH icon | from the graphics
_1 BBC's robin hood wallpaper | robin/marian
_44 robin hood & cast icons | jonas, robin, jonas & lucy, richard, lucy, & also from the wallpaper | + variations

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