September 28th, 2007

freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

the ginormous naruto icon post, part 1

EEEEEEE!! *is hyper*

so i've spent the better part of a week downloading naruto caps/images. i swear, by now my naruto images folder is even bigger than my CSI miami one. and that is saying A LOT. so much, it's not even funny...

so YOSH! here you have the first of what will be many naruto batches. expect more of these soon, i haven't even gone through a quarter of my pics. as for characters, this batch is mostly of the BOYS because they're HOTT~! seriously, GOSH, even kiba's hot when he takes that horrendous hood off. even kankurou's hot, without the face paint. EVEN LEE'S... uh, actually, lee's just lee. but we love him for it xD there's also some sakura, and if you squint you might even find the other four girlies in there somewhere. more characters coming soon! (jesus, i even downloaded kimimaro caps. if that doesn't say that i'll icon ANYTHING, i don't know what does).

never you mind the random pairings i conjured up for this batch. i only made those icons because the characters were standing next to each other and BECAUSE I CAN KTHNX =3 i am so made of win.

as for style, witness the ultimate greatness that is the CHANNEL MIXER LAYER! *trumpets* it is definitely god's (adobe's?) gift to icon-makers everywhere. now, some of these icons are plain, and blah, and getting worse the more i stare at them... but some of them are gorgeous enough that i might kidnap them and have my wicked way with them. so yeah, you get all of them anyways since i'm not feeling like picking the weeds out. *shrugs*

IN THE NEXT BATCH-- uh, definitely more naruto. errr, yeah. YOSH! *good guy pose* n____n

92 icons total...

_80 naruto + naruto shippuuden | naruto, sasunaru, chouji, sasuke, kakashi, gaara, yondaime, neji, shino, shinohina, shikachouji, asuma, temari, gai, team 7, inochouji, inosaku, hinata, inoneji, leetenten, team 10, shikamaru, leesaku, kibahina, shikaino, shikatema, inotema, sakura, sasusaku | + 1 variation
_1 naruto wallpaper | team 7, including kakashi
_11 icons from the wallpaper

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