December 5th, 2005

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fist post in our new home!-- tsubasa, CCS manga, gundam wing

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hey guys, welcome to my first icon post here at my new home, wakizashi_ ^_^

sadly there aren't that many icons in this one because i haven't had much time to icon, but i wanted to leave you guys with something since i most probably will disappear for the next two weeks due to finals and then me flying back to panama. i didn't want to leave you empty-handed ^^

i finally finished reading the card captor sakura manga and some of the images of the last few chapters were so beautiful, i just had to icon them. they're mostly colored images from the last volume-- tons of sakura-chan because she was just lovely to color, and also yukito, ten tons of S+S, some ExT, some CxY, tomoyo, syaoran, and of course my beloved eriol-kun ^.^

i also saw the first four episodes of tsubasa chronicle and got hooked-- i love, therefore i icon. so here you have some tsubasa icons, mostly an onslaught of S+S (what else?), but i'm sure there's some fye in there too. and one sakura icon.

as for the three gundam wing icons, what can i say? i was sorting through my insanely heavy GW images folder and decided i should probably use these pics for something other than looking at (and drooling over), but alas, they refused. so i could only make three icons, but i kinda like them. two duo, one heero. maybe i'll make more in the future...

so, to sum it up:

_12 CCS manga (sakura, yukito, S+S, ExT, CxY, tomoyo, syaoran, eriol)
_3 gundam wing (duo, heero)
_6 tsubasa chronicle (S+S, sakura, fye)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i will soon! do not worry!).


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