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the magic school bus: carla's real-life cast!

ok, so here's the deal: i've started writing a magic school bus fanfic (there's a small snippet of what i have written so far over at my journal, in case anyone's interested). it will be a future fic, with the kids in their senior year of high school and long past the days of ms. frizzle's (awesome) field trips. mostly the kids dealing with their relationships, anxiety about college, friendship issues, typical teen drama, that sort of stuff. thing is, as MSB is a cartoon, i had a hard time picturing the kids "all grown up" so i set out to look for a real life version of the cast, much like i do with my original works, so i could picture the scenes correctly in my head.

i tried to look for actors that would match the kids' looks in the show; i kept them within the 19-23 age group 'cause i want them all to look around the same age-- and i didn't want them to look so old that it was on the other side of dawson casting, but when i tried looking for actors that actually were 17/18, they look so young that they're playing characters on the 14/15-year-old range. D: so i decided to stick to late teens/early twenties. i also tried to match the kids' ethnic backgrounds, although in some cases i didn't quite get there. and admittedly i don't know much about their acting ability (for some of them i haven't actually watched any shows/movies with them in it), but i think that can be worked on. xD i heard there were rumors about a MSB movie or something-- don't think it's going to happen, but if it ever did, i guess this would be my "ideal" cast for it.

also, sorry for the crappiness of some of the pictures. some of these kids are fairly unknown so there aren't many pictures of them, and google is not the picspammer's best friend anyway. ^^;;;

alex linz (21) as arnold perlstein: heh. remember that little kid from home alone 3? lol, yeah, this is him! big change, huh? he's now 21. he hasn't been doing much since then, so it was really hard to find recent pictures of him. most of these are from an indie movie called choose connor, which is why he's wearing a suit in all of them: i'm not saying arnold's supposed to wear suits 24/7, don't worry. xD i think he would make a good arnold because in my mind, arnold isn't supposed to be "hot," he's supposed to be nerdy-cute, probably even handsome from certain angles, but not hot in the conventional sense of the word. also, alex linz is jewish. i couldn't find a picture of him wearing glasses, but that can be easily arranged. maybe adding an orange-ish tinge to his hair? the color doesn't bother me that much anyway, many redheaded kids' hair darkens as they grow. either way, i think this is the best fit for the character i'm ever going to be able to find.

reinaldo zavarce (22) as carlos ramon: reinaldo is a venezuelan actor. he's mostly known in latin america for his role in the teen telenovela isa TKM, which i definitely have not seen (too many teen-life cliches in those things, IMO) but he became quite the hunk among tweens when the show ran in nickelodeon. i chose him as carlos because i think he has a spark to him that carlos has, there's a bit of cheekiness to his smile, and he seems to have the confidence carlos definitely has. also, his father used to play soccer for a professional under-20 club in venezuela; i thought that was fitting. xD

katrina bowden (21) as dorothy ann: tried and tried to find an actress with german ancestry to play DA, but honestly, do you know how hard that is?! it seems every german-american actress in hollywood is already in her 40's or something. and either way, the moment i saw a picture of katrina, i just KNEW i had my DA. she has a recurring role on 30 rock, which i haven't ever seen, to be honest. still, i like her because she's gorgeous, but but she doesn't have to be heavily made-up to look gorgeous. she has a kind of girl-next-door appeal to her, which i feel DA should have. there's a sweetness to her, but she doesn't look like a ditz either (at least not in real life-- although i hear she plays one on TV), so i think she can pull off the "according to my research" attitude, too.

scarlett pomers (21) as janet perlstein: you may know scarlett from star trek: voyager and reba. i chose scarlett because i think she has the right attitude-- she can be devious, mischievous, and i think she goes well with the "i have a crafty plan" side of janet. also, the character she plays on reba is very snarky, which is a must for teen janet if you ask me. going from snarky to snooty shouldn't be too hard. =P and i'm sure she could to the "soft" side to janet as well (you know, the part where she learns a good lesson she'll surely forget by the next episode).

kyla pratt (23) as keesha franklin: i've always seen keesha as a smart girl, energetic, no-nonsense, and with a bit of a sassy attitude. the moment i sat down to think about which actress i could find with those characteristics, my mind went to kyla pratt. i first heard of her in the proud family, and the character she played in that series actually reminds me of keesha a bit. kyla may not look exactly as keesha did in the series, but i think her personality more than makes up for the difference in appearance. she can also be very sweet and sunny, which is something i think keesha should have, too.

emma thompson (51) as ms. valerie frizzle: i've heard thisidea of amy adams playing the frizz in this alleged movie, and let me just say... while i love amy adams, i really can't see her as ms. frizzle. the frizz is about more than just the curly red hair. you can get the curly red hair on another actress. but the frizz? she's all about the attitude. also, amy adams just seems too young if you ask me. sure, she's 35, but she looks like she's in her twenties. i always pictured ms. frizzle to be in her 40's at least (i mean, come on, she's voiced by lily tomlin!). emma thompson needs no introduction-- the woman might be the biggest actress of her generation. and i know she can do a cool teacher-like character, especially after her role as trelawney in harry potter and her stint as nanny mcphee. she exemplifies the frizz more than any other actress i've seen. need more proof? well, you know that second picture below, the one where she's wearing that scarf? the scarf has the picture of a giant beetle at the end. yeah. if that doesn't say "frizz," i don't know what does.

kay panabaker (20) as phoebe terese: phoebe, to me, should be a sweet girl, who's pretty but not in a drastically outstanding way-- she should have a sort of understated beauty, a glow, appreciation for other people and animals, and a wonder about the world in general. kay was the first actress that sprung to my mind when i thought of phoebe: she's really smart, she graduated high school at 13 and finished a degree in history by the time she was 18. she has a yorkshire terrier named peanut (that is so phoebe), and she wants to be a grade school teacher. she also looks like i imagine phoebe would look as a teenager. i've heard people say her sister danielle would make a good phoebe, but i think danielle's more on the "fiery redhead" end of the spectrum; and there's nothing really fiery about phoebe-- merely determined about the causes she supports, which is something i'm absolutely sure kay can pull off. and i think kay is a better actress than her sister anyway.

aaron johnson (20) as ralphie tenelli: well, lookit here! chubby little ralphie got hot. xD i tried to look for an italian-american actor to play ralphie, but wouldn't you know it, there aren't that many italian-american actors in this age group. ^^;;; i saw aaron in kick-ass and i thought he was pretty good-- although completely WASTED in a nerdy role. then i saw these pictures of him in one of his previous projects, and immediately thought he looked exactly the way grown-up!ralphie is supposed to look in my head. he has a strong build about him, which he would get from sports, but he's not exceedingly bulky either. also, he's really funny and there's something about his smile that just screams "ralphie!" to me.

michael b. jordan (23) as tim: ah, tim. not much we can say about him, is there? ^^;;; i thought there were a few african-american actors who could play tim, but most of them try so hard that they almost come off as posers. michael b. jordan i find a bit more refreshing; he's worked in the wire, friday night lights... all in all, i think he can represent tim, from what little we know of him, that is.

malese jow (19) as wanda li: oh, come on, you KNOW wanda would totally go punk chic in her late teens. ;) as soon as i saw a picture of malese in that punk rock red top, i knew she was my wanda. she acted in nickelodeon's unfabulous, has been in different disney channel shows, and more recently in the vampire diaries. she's half-asian (also part cherokee, which is good because native-american is an ethnicity that was sadly underrepresented in MSB), and i just love her personality: she's extroverted, fun, and larger than life, which is definitely what i picture wanda being when she grows up.

in case anyone cares, i also have a perfect casting choice for mr. seedplot... mostly because i always rather liked him and i know he'll appear in my fanfic eventually (oops, spoiler? ^^;;;). however, since i couldn't really find any good screencaps of mr. seedplot from the show, i abstained from making graphics for him. still, my perfect mr. seedplot would be hank azaria (46), probably looking much like he did when he was a recurring character in friends.

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