The Wine Witch

Hello all. I just discovered this community, and have just joined. Actually I joined as soon as I saw what the premise was and that this was not just another wine snob site.

I, too, am a wine lover on a budget and for the past couple of months have been helping my stepmother Suzie start a wine blog that focuses on finding, inexpensive but good quality wines.
It's called The Wine Witch.

I love it so far (and hope you will too.) Anyway glad to join this community and I look forward to reading more wine posts.

Basil and wine

Hello all. I've just recently begun to appreciate the art of wine drinking and am now beginning the unusually delightful education process - much more fun than math or Spanish. But I'm still very much a novice, and am currently seeking some specific recommendations for a wine to bring to (impress) a date this weekend. :) That's where you folks come in - can you help me?

Here's the context: we're staying in and are making a basil-themed meal (his plant needs harvesting) - homemade pesto over gnocchi and a basil/eggplant/onion/lemon juice cold salad (no meat dish; we are vegetarians). I generally prefer red wines, but it's hot in the city these days and this is a pretty summery meal, so white it is. I'm thinking a pinot gris or chardonnay would be good, but from what I've learned a good chardonnay is hard to come by (I've never gone looking for one before). Can you tell me your favorites of either of those varieties, or, better yet, ones that you think would specifically compliment our very basily meal? (I'm looking to spend around $20-30.)

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
Planet Ramen

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Last night I made cannelloni with homemade pasta. With it we served a Barton & Guestier Medoc (1997). It's the best bottle of red we've had in recent memory. It was perfect with the cheeses and marinara sauce: Not too acidic, velvety. Nicely fruity, except no sweetness. Stencil described it as reminiscent of pomegranates. The bottle describes it as "forresty" in flavor. That is a perfect description.
Sadly, it has been on the shelf for awhile, so I don't remember what we paid for it. I am pretty sure we picked it up at Costco. And we are cheap, so we wouldn't have paid anything over $20 for the bottle. If you should see this one, definitely, give it a try!

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I had a Rock Rabbit Syrah with my delicious dinner and Cheese plate tonight. I think it was one of the best Syrahs I've had in a long time.
It was smooth, deep red, and beautifully clear. Not acidic at all, which I like.MMMMmmmm.

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At Trader Joes the other day I was looking in the tiny little Syrah section, and saw a Syrah Rose. It intrigued me. I bought it. I took it home. I cooked dinner. I opened the bottle. I poure a glass. I took a drink. I spit it out.
Yuck, in a lot of different ways.
It was Fetzer Syrah Rose. I can't get the dumb accent marks to work, so you porbably already know I'm trying to spell Rose-ay.
Anyway, you've been warned- it takes alot to make me spit out booze.