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Welcome to Visual Shoxx: A Jrock RPG. Before you join, we strongly ask that you please read through the following information and rules, just to make sure you've got a full understanding of what's going on here.

The MOD's of Visual Shoxx decided to try something a little different with this plot, so we'd like to give you some brief background first.

Originally we thought of this RPG idea focusing on one particular Jrock band, and then allow people to join as original characters as makeup artists, managers, directors of PV's, any job you could think of relating to this band while they were on tour (for example). However we didn't think many people would join once the band members were claimed. So the idea has been altered to incorporate as many jrockers as possible, while keeping our original idea of only ONE band.

The band we chose, was X Japan, since they were the first hugely reccognised band, and beyond 1998 it is impossible to roleplay the entire band.

Visual Shoxx is set in the current month, only in 1995. The idea, as mentioned in the background focuses on one band (X Japan) on tour (which at this stage would be just before their DAHLIA tour). HOWEVER. All jrockers are accepted to join, not just X Japan members. The roleplay basically goes on how the MOD's presume a tour would go about working, with stresses and interviews and lives, etc.

However I would strongly like to stress that ALL jrockers can join, as explained further in the rules below.

1] All jrockers can join, however they are not jrockers. They will have another profession such as a makeup artist, a personal assistant to a band member, stylists, camera and sound crew, etc. Only two [2] jrock muses per member please. Exceptions will be made on request.
2] Please create a separate journal for this roleplay. Do not use your own perosnal journal, we require you give your muse their own journal.
3] PLEASE have SOME writing ability. You don't have to be the next J. K. Rowling but please have some sense of the English language.
4] Absolutely NO out of character disputes.
5] No death. Period.
6] Don't do ANYTHING to someone else's character without their permission.
7] Please try to remain active. We require at LEAST TWO updates per MONTH. If you're going away or get banned from the computer, let us know prior to the event or as soon as you get back. People who are inactive for one month straight will lose their character. No questions asked.
8] Original characters are allowed if you want them.
9] Have fun~!
10] Please have AIM as all roleplaying will carry out in Instant Messages.
11] Slash/Yaoi/malexmale relationships are accepted and somewhat unavoidable in Jrock RPG's. If you're not comfortable with this, please don't join and cause problems for others.
12] Feel free to post your edited roleplay logs in the community under a cut and with a warning if it's over PG-13.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your MOD's psyence_ and bloodtypex or IM us at pink supaidaa and JunketsuSadistic.

To join, please fill out the following form and post it on the community journal. The form is filled out as an example for those who may not be too sure of what to write.

Also please check your character has not been claimed before joining.

Name: Toshiya
Band: Dir en grey
Profession: Make-up artist {X Japan members leave this blank or write 'band'}
AIM SN: {eg} GorgeousTotchi
Comments: Just put whatever you like in here. But please mention the word 'pink' so I know you've read everything.

Please add all these people to your friends list after joining. One of the points of this RPG is to get everyone involved, not to have people sticking to band groups. Plus you will need to be able to see what everyone is up to when the band tours and such.

Dir en grey
Kaoru - violet_guitar {Sound Crew/Roadie}
Kyo - zomboid__ {Equipment/Roadie}
Shinya - teh_shin {Yoshiki's Secretary}
Toshiya - antimony_blue {hide's Clothing Stylist}

Uruha - akuyuukai_uruha {Make-up Artist}

Luna Sea
J - wakeup_mf {Stylist}

Malice Mizer
Gackt - gakutosan {Hair & Make-up Consultant}
Kami - kami_sama_ {Costume Designer}
Mana - mana0sama {Hair Stylist}

X Japan
hide - psyence_ {Guitar}
Pata - positivlyunsure {Guitar}
Taiji - drtytrashcowboy {Ex-Bassist}
Toshi - pastwhisper {Vocals}
Yoshiki - bloodtypex {Drums, Piano}