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Tired of going to jrock roleplay coms that all happen to be dead? Or your favourite jrocker is taken? Mods that are too strict? Well- that's pretty much all of us.

Yoshinkai University is an AU Roleplay community where you can RP as your favorite JRocker. You can be either a student or a teacher, and dorm rooms will be assigned. All JRockers from all bands are welcomed. From X-Japan, to Ancafe, to Dir en grey. Dead JRockers are welcome, too. So why not join?

Well, the community's just open so there's lots of spots left!


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Okay. Here's the deal. I'm sorry this has to happen but...


Yoshiki-mun is quitting all the RP's she's in except this one for reasons that are her own, and I already MOD 2 rp's over on GreatestJournal and have not a lot of time to MOD this one too. So we've decided this RP is going to be closed.

I'm sorry for the short notice and I'm sorry that it had to happen. But if anyone wants to take this RP off ym hands, they are welcome to. Just IM me.

~Bec {MOD}
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New Jrock RPG Community!

Trying to find an rpg but have no idea where to look? Looking for an rpg that needs your character but feels like they're claimed practically everywhere? Look no further!! Join cd_jrock_rpg! A helpful community with a growing directory of Jrock rpgs of all kinds! Feel free to join and spam your rpg(s) as well! Hope to see all you rpers there!!

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Name: Közi
Band: Malice Mizer
Profession: Administrative Assistant/File Clerk (to the accounting/managment of x-japan) either that or hide's towel boy XD
AIM SN: Tryptikblood
Comments: *points to mod* pinkusupaidaa :D anyways it's kozi-mun from jrock eternity attempting to take on the role once more with an old journal. PINK does NOT suit kozi :D


Monday 8th: 2 Assignments Due
Tuesday 9th: 1 Assignment Due
Wednesday 10th: Music performance assessed.
Friday 12th: 1 assignment due
Wednesday 17th: 1 Assignment Due
Monday 22nd: Exams Begin

As you can see, I'm very, very busy for the next 3 weeks or so. Unfortunately in that time I will not have time to roleplay. I'll still lurk around and be MODly but please don't IM me asking to RP. Sorry.

~Bec {MOD}
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New Character

Name: Mana
Band: Moi dix Mois/Malice Mizer
Profession: Hair stylist
AIM SN: Mana0sama
Comments: Mana doesn't wear pink! :D And yeah I'm on most of the day and I'm always up tp rp so don't be afraid to IM me ^_^
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Eh. I'm plotting on starting a big group chat RP type thing next weekend for anyone who will be online. It's about time we at least attempted to RP together, since the band is meant to be on tour and such and I don't know if anyone is really playing anyway.

You have been warned XD.

Also, here's a list of everyone's AIM SN so you can find each other easier to RP and such. Please let me know of any changes to your SN if need be.


~Bec {MOD}
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