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I created this community because I absolutely hated how certain vg communities were being monitored. If this community takes off, I promise that I will only mod in EXTREME circumstances. So pretty much members here can post anything they want to. We'll see how it goes.

Talk about anything related to video games. If you want to talk about computer games, that's ok. I would kind of prefer this community to focus more on video games in general. I might make up more rules as they come along if I notice very big problems.

I don't know if this community will work out, but I'm making it anyway.

right now I am trying to create an extensive "interests" list so other people can find this place by searching for interests. help out with this if you can. thanks. Right now, I've finished doing everything general, I'd like input as to what kind of SPECIFIC game/series to put in there. Stuff like "legend of zelda", "Chrono Trigger", "Halo", "Soul Calibur". I don't want to put a bunch of games/series that most people don't know about. thanks. This would take me a long time to do all on my own so I'm not really working on that yet.