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Peculiarly, the left side of Tara's top was blurred throughout the conclusion of her match with Angelina Love on this past Thursday's iMPACT! broadcast
. It seems strange because the blurring commenced once the match came back from a commercial break and carried on towards its conclusion. Furthermore, it would not appear to be a case of an insignia issue as the top she wore simply read "Poison" with no logo beared. Also note, she's worn the ring outfit before on television.

It's been speculated that Tara suffered a wardrobe malfunction at some point during the match and that TNA's production staff decided to digitize her top through the conclusion of the match as a precautionary measure.

Tara's apparent wardrobe malfunction comes on the heels of last month's live iMPACT! special where ODB pulled her trunks a bit too far south while attempting a roll-up. The TNA Women's Knockout Champion's buttocks was blurred during the episode's subsequent Thursday replay.

Likewise, Tara's Thursday opponent, Angelina Love, suffered a wardrobe malfunction of her own roughly two years ago as her breast momentarily came exposed during a taped television broadcast while backing towards the ramp at the conclusion of a match which she had just interfered in. In that case, TNA's production crew missed digitizing her.