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11 December 2009 @ 08:28 am

Lauren is in the interview area and Tara is getting ready for her match. Tara says that this isn’t funny and she says that she is a world class athlete. Tara says that she would drink three 6 packs to get her hands on ODB. Lauren asks Tara how she will do against ODB tonight. Tara says that she would drink a keg to get her hands on ODB. Tara walks away while drinking and then she bumps into something.

Tara versus ODB in a Trailer Park Throwdown

Tara hits ODB with a bucket and hits a drop kick that sends ODB to the floor. Tara gets a tiki torch and hits ODB with it and the she goes for the groin. Tara puts ODB in a wheelbarrow and then ODB spits some of her drinkie poo in Tara’s face.

ODB gets some police tape and wraps it around Tara. ODB hits Tara with a cookie sheet and then goes for a plunger to the rear end. ODB catapults Tara onto the ladder in the ring. ODB climbs the ladder but has second thoughts about using it. ODB gets a step ladder for a frog splash but Tara kicks out. ODB gets the tiki torch and chokes Tara with it. Tara sends ODB to the mat using the torch. ODB gets a trash can lid and she grazes Tara. Tara gets a trash can lid and she releases it too soon and it flies into the crowd. Tara gets another lid and hits ODB with it.

Tara with a slam and hits a moonsault onto a trash can lid placed on ODB’s chestal region. Tara tries to go up top but she gets a bit woozy. ODB chokes Tara with a chain and then she hits an X Factor onto a chair for the three count.

Winner: ODB