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Long time, no blog. I have been tweeting a lot. But this is way too long for a tweet.

First, the PWI Women's Top 50 Wrestlers came out. I was 11th. I'm a fan of PWI Magazine, but 11th? I understand that this is based on who holds a belt, and who you have beaten, and I may have been retired at the time and blah blah blah...Top wrestlers should be about who shines in the ring and who puts on good matches with their opponents. You know who was number one? Michelle McDrool. Now if it was wrestlers with the largest heads (and I don't mean egos, I mean actual head size), then yes, Michelle should be number one. The Great Khali would be a distant number two. Seriously, she's like a balloon on a string. Every hat she ever borrowed from me came back looking like a dog chewed it up. I was trying to watch a movie once, and her head was blocking the screen, and she wasn't even in the theatre.

If PWI would be so kind as to send a representative to the Impact Zone, I would like to have a word with them in the ring. I'm guessing one Widow's Peak, and I'm at least top three...

Second, when I was younger, I was a sun worshipper. WORSHIPPER. I grew up in the desert of Southern California, and I would lay out for hours on end. Even recently, I would tan indoors, because I think it makes me look leaner on TV. Well, that has all caught up to me. I went to the dermatologist because I had a bump on my hip. It turned out to be nothing. But the doctor noticed a mole near my collar bone that didn't look quite right. He cut it off and tested it, and it turned out to be Basal Cell Carcinoma. That is the most common form of skin cancer. He cut most of it off, and next week, they are going to cut out the surrounding tissue and I should be 100% It's it super minor, because they caught it early. So that some of my MySpace friends can possibly catch it early also, here is a link on what to look for... . Also, always wear sun block for extended periods outdoors.

So what I am going to do until they remove the rest? I'm going to face Angelina Love (the PWI #2 wrestler) at TNA live events on the east coast this weekend, and I'm going to hit her so hard, it'll knock the herpes off her tongue (disclaimer: I don't know that Angelina Love has herpes, but if herpes had a smell, it would smell like her breath).

I feel better than ever, I will be 100% next week, so don't bother with the well wishes. I am grateful it was caught early, and if you want to do something for me, check that link, and make sure you guys are healthy too.

Later French Fried Potaters, Lisa Marie aka TNA Tara


I injured my elbow on pre-match warmup. Sorry to all the fans in Jersey. Had to go to ER. I will post pics tomorrow. Totally disgusting
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Varon Expected To Return To TNA

Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara) is expected to return to TNA Wrestling. She was legitimately leaving when her previous contract expired, hence the retirement stipulation in her match with Madison Rayne at Sacrifice. But just before the match took place, she and Dixie Carter either cut a new deal or were closing in on one. Since the retirement stipulation was already in place, she lost as scheduled and left. Creative is now trying to develop an angle to explaining her return.
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Lisa Marie Varon Robbed

Lisa Marie Varon was robbed Saturday during her appearance at the Comic Con Wizard World Convention in Philadelphia. She wrote yesterday on her Twitter page: "Can you believe that someone stole my money at my signing today. But I'm not gonna let it get me down. 4o I will be there Sunday too."
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Tara Reportedly Having Problems With The Beautiful People; Return To WWE?

As reported earlier, it has been indicated that Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara) has buried her peers behind their backs to management. Among the stories cited are reports of Varon complaining about various female wrestlers on house show tours, refusing to work with certain individuals altogether, and squashing numerous storylines — all of which she denies. For those curious as to who she is having these issues with, they are all three members of The Beautiful People — Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich. The root of the matter is that The Beautiful People
have refused to take some of her moves not to mention that she doesn't respect their in-ring ability.

As noted, Varon took her issues directly to management rather than discussing the matter with the trio. When the group received word of this, they confronted Varon and told her they should have come to them rather than breaking locker room protocol by going to management. The friction was bad enough that when Varon was called in to work a recent house show loop, she specifically asked to work with ODB on the tour — who wasn't originally scheduled for the set of live events. Company officials complied with Varon's request due to Madison Rayne being unable to appear (note - there is a unique reason for Rayne's absence and it will be disclosed in a separate report).

Varon never had a reputation for being difficult to work with during her time in WWE and it should be noted that various sources have stated that she's been easy going for the most part during her time thus far in TNA. Furthermore, some feel the matter may be more of personality clash as opposed to one side being right and one side being wrong.

On a final note, Varon has been telling people that she hopes to return to WWE once her deal with TNA expires.