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|x| vibranthearts__ |x|

___Vibrating hearts___
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1. Do NOT reply to other posts or vote if you haven't been accepted yet.
2. Title your application "My Vibrant Heart"
3. Fill in the survey (think about your answers, you will be judged on those more than your looks)
4. PUT THE ENTIRE APPLICATION UNDER AN LJ CUT! this is very important. <*lj-cut text="whatever you want your cut to say"*> just take the *s out
5. You'll be asked to post a picture of the item that's the most important to you (can be a couple of items, max 3), this however does not need to be a real picture.
For example if you do not have a scanner, webcam, digital camera, digipen or whatnot you can just draw a picture in paint or describe the item. (I recommend paint). You will however need to explain why that item is so important to you.
6. If you do not have a picture of yourself you can draw yourself in paint. I love paint.
7. Do not disrespect the members voting, they have their opinion, you have yours. You're welcome to discuss it but please do it politely
8. Comments may be harsh, don't get your knickers in a twist and take it like a man/woman.
9. PROOF READ! check typos and such. And speak proper English, please.
10. 60 % of the votes are positive = you get in. There's a 48 hour waiting period, unless all of the members have gotten their votes in or if it's obvious that you're getting in.

Once accepted
1. Once a member you can share whatever you want. Rant, post lyrics, tell jokes, share something funny that happened to you, icons, pictures, drawings and everything you want.
2. bold your votes. Yes or no, preferably with reasons.
3. DO NOT base your vote on how the applicant looks like. Base you vote on the applicants answers. Pictures are supposed to be 10 % of your vote, the rest is 90 %.
. Have fun!

Try again in a week or so, if you want. Learn from your mistakes.
Don’t bitch about it, life goes on.

Take your time with it, make it pretty. We know it’s long but this is so the members can fairly judge you.

|x| Basics |x|

Where did you find us?:
Advertise us in one community and put the link here (<*lj comm="thecommunitysname"*> just take the stars out):
Interests (max. 15):
Put your winamp player on shuffle, then write down 5 songs that come:
What makes you unique?:


(please state why these are your opinions)

Gay marriage?:
Christina Aguilera ("she suckz000rs!" "I loooove her, she rox000rz so0o0o hard"<-- bad "I dislike her" "I like her" <-- good):
Avril Lavigne:
Downloading music and/or films/tv shows:

|x|Favorite...| x|
Favorite actor/actress:
10 bands (and/or artists):
5 movies:
Thing to do on weekends:
Item of clothing:

|x|Post a picture of one thing that you own that's the most precious to you. (remember to read the rules about this one)| x|

|x|Post at least 2 pictures of yourself. |x|