Vampire Craze Is A Dangerous Fad - The Daily Republic, South Dakota

Letter: Vampire Craze Is A Dangerous Fad
(Danger Of Library Books On Vampirism In Hands Of Teens)

To the Editor:

Vampire and blood fetishes run amok: Twilight, the “vampire lifestyle” and paraphilias turned fads. Parents are responsible in the youth culture war that is being lost.

By: John Shaw, Mitchell
March 5, 2010
The Daily Republic: Mitchell, South Dakota


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SkekNa the SlaveMaster from Dark Crystal

realworldbites Multi-fandom Vampire RPG


Who in their right mind would fill a house with real, vicious (and not-so-vicious) vampires? Reality TV producers! When they're backed by the right law firm, that is. You, glorious creature of the night that you are, have been tracked, noted, and invited to come live the dream. A beautiful house, plenty of blood, shady dealings and wacky mishaps, all (more or less) broadcast live to the whole world. What more could any vamp ask for?

The Real World Bites, running since February 8, 2009, is a way to get your crack, your angst and your plot on all at once, simultaneously showing love for and poking horrible fun at vampire fiction and reality TV. It's a sandbox game with lots of group events thrown into the mix. Your character's storyline is totally up to you and who you interact with! With Wolfram & Hart running the show, plenty of vamps have gotten mixed up in ominous doings, and plenty have spent their time drinking margaritas and playing video games. It is a slash and smut-friendly zone, with crack and drama enough for all. 18+ muns and canon (non-OC) panfandom vamps only, please!

As season 2 begins, alliances, friendships, rivalries and tensions continue to form. You never quite know what the Producers will spring on them next, or what they're plotting with this show to begin with. New vamps are always joining, and whether it's a war over hair product or a zombie massacre, there is always something drawing everyone's attention.

Quick Links: The House Description - The Rules - Application - The Cast List
Buddha Cat

Intro with gift

I'm new to this community, but I have been enjoying reading and watching the videos posted here. I have something I thought you might find enjoyable as well.

New Moon - A Condensed Film Parody. That's a link to part one, as it is in three parts. I've been told that it's enjoyable for both Twilight lovers and haters. I'm reasonably Twilight indifferent, and thought it was a hoot, especially toward the end.

Twilight Musical

Please check out a Twilight Musical my boyfriend (Edward), my brother (Jacob), and I made it. We worked really hard on it so I hope you guys like it.
We'd love to do a New Moon musical or release the full songs (with more scenes) of the Twilight musical if people are interested in seeing it so please let us know if you are.

(PS- all of us LOVED New Moon!! We're gonna go see it again soon)