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I've got tons of pictures for everyone. Yay. Some of you on my friends list probably already saw them all, but look anyway for the sheer pleasure of...um... looking. Bitch.

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Anyway.. We need more members. We need to start getting active. So, once you finish reading this... Go out and promote your asses off. Just because. I'm even considering joining a promotion community just so we can find members. Ok, promote. GO!
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A quick update by your beloved Cassie.

Since I never post, I figured I would.

Your leader Lindsey should be changing my pictures soon... She hasn't yet. Damn you.

I'm going to walmart with my mom and grandma tonight. That's my idea of excitment.

X-mas is almost here. I need a job so I can get stuff for my boyfriend. I hate money. I also hate food, but that's a different story.

I honestly have no idea if the theme is still going on, but for the hell of it, I'll post a few pictures of my "favorite outfit".

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I'm so cool.
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I've just updated the members page. If anyone is missing, or anyone wants a different picture then just reply to this post or make a seperate post saying you want your picture changed and post the new pic.

I'm kinda disappointed that no one is doing the theme. I thank those that did, but I'm especially disappointed that none of the mods did it. Come on guys. You especially should be doing the theme.

I think this should also be a place of controversy. It shouldn't just be application, pictures, application, pictures, application, application, etc. Not that I'm complaining, I like members and seeing your pictures. (promote more, I'll be doing that after this post).

I think maybe every 2 weeks we'll have a different topic to discuss. Let's see how this works.

Now I think the topic will be murder. What do you think of murder? What should the consequences be? Do you think it's funny? sad? What methods are your favorites? least favorites? Stuff like that, let's give it a shot.

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