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A new and improved application

*basic bullshit*
name: Asereth Gabreil Morthaux
age/DOB: 18 11/26/1986
sexual orientation: Straight
location: Pocatello, Idaho
single/taken/married?(pics?): Single
pets? (pics): Loki, my little Kitty.
virgin?: Yeah, so what if I am.
credit card number:Dont have a credit card
piercings/tattoos/body modifications? (pics?): None

favorite movies (minimum of 3): Dracula, The Lost Boys, Dracula: Dead and Loving It,  The Crow,
favorite bands (minimum of 4): The Murderdolls, Korn, Marylin Manson, Slipknot, Trapt
favorite books (minimum of 2): The Lestat Chronicles by Anne Rice and The Book of Counted Sorrows
favorite stores: Hot Topic, The Dark Starr (local to Montepelier Idaho), The Dryads Repose (Now Closed)
favorite place to be: Anywhere with trees, around Pocatello that leaves only Mountain View Cemetary.
favorite possession: I would say my cat, but he owns me more than I own him, so I would say my sword collection or my collection of autographed first edition books,
favorite color (or neutral/shade for those of you who like black): Black and Blood red
give us an interesting fact about yourself: I had natural fangs until my old dentist filed them down while I was under.
how about just a random useless fact: Blood is made of two parts, Plasma, which is the liquid part, and Red and White Blood cells.

racism: I have a rather simple view on racism. I am not personally racist, nor could I ever be with my family. I think that it is wrong and honestly couldnt care less if everyone was fucking purple. 
god: I have been many religions, each one tells us that god is merciful, full of grace and gave some dumb-shit to save our lives. Obviously they haven't read that book that they put so much faith into. In the bible God is a vengeful son-of-a-bitch that afflicts a man with a plague, kills everyone close to him all just because he had a bet with the devil. Now that my friends is funny shit.
drugs/alcohol: I have done X and peyote, both were really fun, but I have stopped doing them. I drink, I am partly Scottish and partly Irish so it is a way of life. 
homosexuals: Some of my best and closest friends are gay/lesbian. I try not to judge them and am glad that they are happy.
death penalty: If they are convicted of murder, torture should always precede. Also if they are rapists they should be killed by a hot razor blade shoved up their ass repeatedly.
abortion: This is an ongion debate, because whatever you say it always pisses someone off. so I am justr going to shut the fuck up on this one.
premeditated homocide: That depends, do they deserve to die? if they do I say have fun and kill them in an origional way.
anarchy: The definition of an Anarchist is someone who opposes all government, objects to all rules, and hates to be controlled. In my opinion that is too many fucking rules.
animal rghts:All animals have them and since they cant enforce them themselves we have to. 
posers/fakes: I view them as liars, they are trying to be something that they aren't and need to be eaten with a tall glass of chocolate milk.
people named after flowers: Some of the nicest people I have dated have been named after flowers, so I have no problem with it.
horror:Welcome to my life. Seriously. I LOVE horror movies, books, Dark Rock music, Nightclubs and all of that fun shit.
demonic possession: I have been, and I know that it sounds stupid, but it is true. My friends and I were playing around with a Oijia board and then said a few incantations. It worked. We summoned the demon then it decided to inhabit me. I dont know why, perhaps it was because of me turning my back to the "Holy Light" at a young age, but it was a tripp.
voodoo:I havent gotten it to work, but I am still trying.
cry babies/whiny little bitches:In my honest opinion they need to be slapped and told to shut the fuck up.

say something about the mods, feed our fucking egos.
lindsey (dune_bug): I dont know much about you, but you look extremely beautiful, and like the kind of person I could get along with.
karah (__karah):You look so sweet and innocent, it is very attractive. I look foreward to corrupting you.
cassie (lifeisjust__):I love the bass. I am getting one this year. Plus you look so modern vampire it is very sexy.
heather (mystic_spiral):You look so sad in your pic, I wish I could make you smile.

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