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sorry i've been inactive for so long.  i am a very lazy girl.  :(  here are some pictures, unthemed.  they might as well be webcam pictures... just me sitting at my desk with a digital camera today/last week.

the primary features of many of these photos might very well be my roommate's large collection of von dutch hats.

i just scream kindergoth some days.

but it could be worse.

all of the ones where i'm wearing a pink shirt are not photoshopped; the skin tones still turned out really neat on their own (some of them anyway).

my skin isn't normally this golden and rosy.

i'm going to get a double chin some day soon, i just know it.  >.<
*but sketchy mcsketch thought the thread in the ear thing was "tight"



just starting to study for arts & ideas/french test now.  awesome.

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