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Alright... So I just stamped two people... One about a week ago, and just stamped the other now.

Everyone, please welcome two new members to this lovely community,

Alright guys, start voting and promoting. Promote to communites you're in that allow it, promote to promotion communities... Promote to random people or your friends.. Just try to get people to join.

Also, what does everyone think about a new application? I'm willing to do it.. I'll just be adding a few things, like quote questions and "How did you find this community?" And they can just put the user name of whoever invited them, or you know, tell us how they found it. Just so we know everyone's promoting, you know? Lindsey, or one of the other mods, let me know if it's cool if I do up a new application. Cause I have a lot of free time during the day while everyone else is at school.

And so this isn't text only... I'll post some pictures.

Tala.. My dad took that.

Tunka.. My dad took that, too.
The rest I took. Awesome.



And again.

Yin (The Baby, Yinny)

Meka (Kitten). I love that picture.


Binx again.

Buster.. Looking evil. Horrah.



Casper, again.

The tower I built out of random things I found on my desk and started stacking on top of one another.. Love how messy my desk is? Oh, and note the pink duct tape holding it together :D

Oh, and me.

Those two are my favorite.. Oh, Lindsey, mind using that last one for the mod list? It's better than the one up now.

Alright, that's all for the pictures.

Enjoy. Again, members, mods, start promoting...

And.. that's all.

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