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ok sorry for all the short ass answers i was in class and tryin to do that and my lit. paper. and i fixed the answers arent biggger thing.

*basic bullshit*
name: cody
age/DOB:may14, 1986
sexual orientation:mostly straight
location:leauge city, texas
single/taken/married?(pics?):i have a girl friend named michelle, and i had a bf named julian.
pets? (pics):i have a mutt named chuck
virgin?:i just recently lost the title of "virgin"
credit card number:yeah i really wonder what you hoped to accomplish by having this here.
piercings/tattoos/body modifications? (pics?):i have a two gauge ear piercing, and a cross on my left arm and mom above it written in my moms handwriting

favorite movies (minimum of 3):blow(johnny depp, gotta love him for all his sexyness), home alone, anything of comedy
favorite bands (minimum of 4):arch enemy, lullacry, dredg, lacuna coil
favorite books (minimum of 2):the desperation, the dark towers series
favorite stores:spencers and freestyles
favorite place to be:in my bed
favorite possession:my black light cd case i got for my 16 birthday
favorite color (or neutral/shade for those of you who like black):purple
give us an interesting fact about yourself:i am probably the funniest of all my friends becasue i like to run into shit and hurt myself just to make my friends laugh, even if i lose an eye for it.
how about just a random useless fact:my finger has a scar from sword fighting, i was really high and me and my friend gavin were showing off for some girls. it was painful and i lost my high for about an hour and then it came back randomly

racism: people who practice in racism are imature jerk wads that sould be tied up and crucified upside down and die from all their blood has drowned their brains. its possible too.
god:dont believe in him since i relized i was praying to an invicible man in the sky. seem pointless from then on.
drugs/alcohol:good when i need it, usally just a weekend thing.
homosexuals:they have their own right and i dont have anything agaisnt full on homosexuals. have a few friends that are.
death penalty:cool and needed. when someone kills someone they should die. unless they killed someone who was doing something really bad, then they should be praised for fifteen minutes or untill something better comes around.
abortion:the girls choice. its her temple let her make the choices on it.
premeditated homocide:the only way to go if your to kill someone. otherwise they just dont have that bond a killer and victim should have.
anarchy:it would be cool if it were possible. it wouldnt substain because the world is full of sheep, and as soon as a leader figure shows up, then there a sudo-government. thus the whole anarchy in itself is pointless and futile.
animal rghts:ya ok. they dont have rights other then to feed other things. we cant be protecting all the squirels from the mean old hawks then protect the hawks from all the hunters. it ridicules how those peta bastards get. they suck.
posers/fakes:they their own persons and they dont fuck with me
people named after flowers:funny sounding. only knew a girl named rose and she hit on me while we were drunk. i wouldnt let her kiss me because she was there with my friend.
horror:when needed its great
demonic possession:if possible it would be fun. i could so see myself puking up pea soup and having my head spin round and round. it would be a new experience.
voodoo:its kinda on the same stage as religon. i dont think voodoo is to plausiable because magic in itself is kinda iffy.
cry babies/whiny little bitches:need to be cut from head to toes and have there inside used to hang them and wacth as their corpse rots away to nothing, except a breeding ground for maggots.

say something about the mods, feed our fucking egos.
lindsey (dune_bug):i dont know her, but shes probably a cool person if she calls herself dune bug
karah (__karah): once again dont know her, she looks cute.
cassie (lifeisjust__):i do know this person, oh wait no, no i dont.
heather (mystic_spiral):she has a really cool username, reminds me of tool.

promote, prove it with a link:bloodandtears


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