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*basic bullshit*
name: Ashley
age/DOB:14 / June 23
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
location: Concord, NC
single/taken/married?(pics?): single
pets? (pics): Yes! I have a puppy named Xena. She is half greyhound, half poodle.
I have her a mohawk in the picture, but she looks more like alph alpha..
virgin?: Yes ma'am
credit number: Hah I wish..
piercings/tattoos/body modifications? (pics?): I drew a picture of a star on my hand, and I used a needle to make it scar, but in the end, it went away..

favorite movies minimum of 3): Edward Scissorhands, The Crow, the Harry Potter movies.. The Craft, The Grudge
favorite bands (minimum of 4): Sugarcult, Shadows Fall, Hawthorne Heights, Dead To Fall, Unearth, Straylight Run
favorite books (minimum of 2): Define "Normal", Hangman's Curse, Gingerbread
favorite stores: Value Village, and this one store, I'm not sure if it's well known or not so I'm going to explain it. It's called Earthbound and it has all kinds of african things and they're always burning insence. They sell weird things like hermit crabs, fountains, huge asian fans, tumble stones, and stuff like that..
favorite place to be: My room.. I know, it's a typical answer, but I love it. It's calming.
favorite possession: My new acoustic guitar. I can't play to save my life, but I try.. =D
favorite color (or neutral/shade for those of you who like black): Grey or purple.
give us an interesting fact about yourself: I'm going to have a CAT scan tomorrow.. It's a scan they put you through to see if you have a tumor.. Well at least that's why I'm doing it.. They said I have symptoms..
how about just a random useless fact: I can put my feet behind my head and walk on my hands for about 3 seconds.

racism: I was brought up in a military family, raised around a lot of different people. I grew up being best friends with people of different races.. I'm a lot of different races too.. I'm Korean, White, Irish, Polish, Native American, and Scottish. Seriously though, I hate racism. I can't stand when a person doesn't like a black person, not because of the race or anything, but the black person automatically says "It's because I'm black." It makes them seem just as bad as white racist people, thinking that all white people hate blacks. To end my small rant, I'm against it.
god: I do not believe in god, but I won't try to make someone else not believe in him. For some people, religion is all they have to give them hope that things will get better, and I certainly don't want to be responsible for taking that away.
drugs/alcohol: I'm 100% against drugs. All of them. If you want to go get drunk, you go ahead and be an idiot as long as you stay away from cars, most people, sharp objects, bricks, and windows. I don't drink, but I won't scold you for drinking on New Year's or something though.. As long as you don't drink a lot.
homosexuals: I don't have an opinion on them. They're people. Let them live. I don't have an opinion on heterosexuals, so why should I have an opinion on them. Until a large group of homosexual people start charging at me with sharp objects, I have nothing against them.
death penalty: It seems stupid. I mean, if a person does something bad enough to deserve death, why let them off the hook with taking them out of this world? Just throw them in jail until they die. They'll get more out of it then being killed.
abortion: I think that if a girl gets raped she should be allowed to have an abortion. Or if the birth will kill the mother or the baby. That's it. If you get pregnant and you weren't responsible, it's your fault.
premeditated homocide: I think it's interesting. I think it's horrible to kill another person, but if you can pull it off, I will respect your intelligence, not you as a person. It seems mean to kill someone.. Even if they deserve it.. Just chop off their leg. They will live life disabled, but at least they can still live life.
anarchy: I don't think that anything can happen without government. Look at Somalia. It has no government, and it is the most dangerous place to live in the world. See a connection?
animal rghts: I'm a horrible person, I eat meat. It's not fair to the animals.. I know.. I actually do feel bad about it.. But I like meat. I don't think it's nice to kill an animal for it's skin or something.. I'm 100% against it. I'm also against ucky perverts doing sexual things with their dogs..
posers/fakes: I want to sit on them. Why act like something you aren't just to fit in with people who don't like you? It just makes no sence to me..
people named after flowers: I think some flower names are pretty, like Rose. I hate when a lady will name all of her kids after flower though. Like have one kid named Rose and one Violet and one Petunia and one Daisy. Going a bit overboard, yes?
horror: I love horror movies. I can't sleep for a few days after watching some of them, but the time you spend watching them are great. I also love reading horror.. it's better than watching it.. You don't have the gory images in your mind.
demonic possession: I think it's.. not.. good. Who wants to have a demon possess them? If you do.. you're crazy. Just a little..
voodoo: I think it's frightening to think that some people can have the power to.. hurt you.. but it's interesting. I'm a horrible person, I know, but if I knew someone who practiced voodoo, and it worked, I would be VERY nice to them.
cry babies/whiny little bitches: How can I have a good opinion on them? They suck poo. Expecially the kids that are like "I'M CUTTING MYSELF BECAUSE I'M DEPRESSED!" and they literally tell everybody. And they actually say it like that too! It's irritating. Don't get me wrong, I don't care if you cut, not that I'm for it, but if you do, don't tell people. Or the cry babies that get emotional if you call them a bitch. It's just aggrivating.

say something about the mods, feed our fucking egos.
lindsey (dune_bug): I like your hat.. and I sound weird but you have pretty fingers. My fingers are fat. You have pretty fingers... heh =D
karah (__karah): I love your hair. It's so bouncy, but it's still straight when it's bouncy. My hair is straight.. and it's not... bouncy. It's just straight.
cassie (lifeisjust__): I will forever admire how photogenic you are. You look pretty in every picture you take. I will also always admire that you can actually do your eyeliner. I have yet to master it.
heather (mystic_spiral): You have perfectly shaped lips.. Like barbie. I know, saying you look like barbie doesn't really seem like a compliment.. but I swear it is.

promote, prove it with a link:

now post your pictures (at least 3)
Please ignore the fact that I look like I am eight years old.

I'm on the right

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