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*basic bullshit*
age/DOB: 15
sexual orientation: Bisexual
location: Wolverhampton, Uk
single/taken/married?(pics?): Attached <3
pets? (pics): A maniac fluffball (my dog)
virgin?: No
credit card number:.....ha...ha...ha
piercings/tattoos/body modifications? (pics?):Boring enough...ears, eyebrow to come very soon.

favorite movies (minimum of 3):
Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare Before Xmas, Rocky Horror Picrure Show, Edward Scissorhands, Cry-Baby, Secret Window, Once Apon A Time In Mexico, Benny And Joon.
favorite bands (minimum of 4): Dope Stars Inc, Mr Manson, Jack Off Jill, Nine Inch Nails, My Ruin, Static X, FDQ/Murderdolls,
favorite books (minimum of 2): Stephen King : The Dark Half, Needful Things. Helen Fielding : Bridget Jones 2 (The edge of reason).
favorite stores: Metro Fox, Spellbound, Roafers.
favorite place to be: The Civic and Korruption
favorite possession: My corset, All my NBC stuff.
favorite color (or neutral/shade for those of you who like black): Glitter
give us an interesting fact about yourself: ummm...I was born in Africa.....heh.
how about just a random useless fact: I am horrifically afraid of penguins.

Treating someone differently on the colour of their skin is wrong, but... I despise people (black OR white) who try and live up to the streo-typical black culture. People who get involved in gangs and try to pick fights. Spending most of my time in a city, it can be pretty damn scary. I am not blamming any race for this, it's just one of those little things that irks me.
god: I am an atheist. This doesn't mean I look down my nose at people who are religious. If that is there way of finding themselves, well, good for them. It's just not for me.
drugs/alcohol: Everything is fun in small doses (apart from hard drugs). Addiction is the problem here.
homosexuals: I have no problem with homosexual people as I have many same-sex orientated friends. Pro-choice.
death penalty: I don't belive that it's the right thing to do. Who is to say who lives an who dies? We know nothing about what happens after death....we don't know how badly we a punishing (or even rewarding) someone for their crimes.
abortion: I think abortion should be the last resort. If the mother doesn't want the baby herself, I think she should put it up for adoption. Every life is important, and there are so many infertile couples out there desperate for kids.
premeditated homocide: I find serial killers very interesting, but I don't admire them. Humans should be intelligent to find other ways of dealing with someone other than killing them....whatever they've done.
anarchy: I despise how the goverment controls us, but I don't see any other way to survive. People need some sort of order and law, or everyone would kill each other.
animal rights: I think animals should not be tested on, they should not be physically harmed. It's sick to think that because humans have more power they can abuse a vunerable animal.
posers/fakes: Should fuck right off. What is the point of being something you're not? It's pathetic. Like people who take up smoking to 'fit in'.
people named after flowers:  I like some names like Lily and Rose....but petunia....chuh.....s'not good. Depends on the name.
horror: Rules <3 I love reading it, I love watching it.
demonic possession: Is only good in the exorcist. People who go looking to be 'possesed' etc have serious mental inbalances.
voodoo: I don't know, don't really think about it.
cry babies/whiny little bitches: Pah, I hate attention seekers. The kind of 12 year old who thinks they're so cool getting paralytic off of one bottle of cider and then crying their eyes out because theyre like OMG!!11one!1!!!11!!  'so depressed'.

say something about the mods, feed our fucking egos.
lindsey (dune_bug): I love the way she's done her eyeliner on her mod pic. Very Pretty ^_^
karah (__karah): She reminds me of someone I know....I like her hair, very bouncy.
cassie (lifeisjust__): I know her from another community....she's very cool and very opinionated. She's also fucking gorgeous.
heather (mystic_spiral): I used to have that colour hair... but it didn't suit me. Suits her though.

promote, prove it with a link:


now post your pictures (at least 3)

Rhea (My best friend, the most beautiful girl in the world) and lame ol' me

Again, Rhea and me (Yes I am dressed like a bride...don't ask)

My sexy little biatch Sianarooni and me (taken yesterday ^_^)

Extreeeeme Close Up

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