Greetings fellow wanderers of the night. I am new and rellish the opportunity to commune with those who understand the overpowering thirst our kind feels for the devilishly aluring elixer that is blood. I look forward to reading and posting in this sublime community.


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the changeling


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sorry i've been inactive for so long.  i am a very lazy girl.  :(  here are some pictures, unthemed.  they might as well be webcam pictures... just me sitting at my desk with a digital camera today/last week.

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Hey guys.. This is lifeisjust__.. I had to get a new username and whatnot because I don't trust some people anymore.. And I don't want them reading my stuff.

My old journal is eventually going to be deleted... But not until everyone I want to knows that I have this name and shit.

I doubt I'll have to.. But if you want me to fill out an application or something, let me know.
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Oi. I just started a community out of nowhere.. and it would be awesome if some of you came and checked it out.

First five to join are auto accepted.

I didn't get a chance to make any banners yet.. But I will and it will be more impressive.

Hopefully I'll see some of you joining it.
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