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This is a rating community where you are accepted on your PERSONALITY, not your looks!

See, the whole reason I created this Community is because all those damn rating Communities out there, even if they say that they only choose people for their personality, they are LYING, because even their application asks for you to submit atleast 2 photos and that's bull crap! So in here, yes, you can submit your picture...it's optional but I wouldn't recommend it because some people may actually vote for you for your looks! So if your wanting to join a "beautiful" people Community without the hassle of the picture bull crap, then join here! :-D Oh and another thing, when/if this Community gets really big and all, and perhaps most of the majority of the people vote No on you, if I really really REALLY like you, I may accept you! :-P

Hi, my name is Tesslyn and I'm the maintainer to this Community! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at the email address above! ~Tesslyn

To be accepted by your PERSONALITY, not your looks...please fill out this Application and submit it! :-D

*NOTICE* If you don't fill out your application within 48 hours, you WILL be removed from the Community! And ONLY Accepted members can vote on new people applying! And as more people try to join, there will be a 24 hour period until it is decide on whether or not you have been accepted!

In the subject line when your filling out your Application, please put: "Personal-ity Beauty"


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. List your 5 favorite bands/groups:
5. Favorite CD(s):
6. List atleast 5 favorite movies:
7. List atleast 5 favorite TV shows:
8. List your favorite book(s):
9. Favorite store(s):
10. Favorite color(s):
11. Favorite thing about yourself:
12. Least favorite thing about yourself:
13. Your Dream Career or/and Goal in life:
14. Name atleast 3 favorite board games:
15. Name atleast 3 favorite online computer/computer/video games:
16. What are your 3 favorite sports to watch or play: Football, Colorguard, Gymnastics/Dance
17. Who is/are your favorite actor(s) and actress(es):
18. Describe yourself in atleast 3 words:
19. What is your favorite prized possession:
20. Who would you die for:
21. (Post an optional picture here if you WANT too but I don't really recommend it!)

And IF you please would, please PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! Thanks! :-D

Or if you would like to Afflicate your Community with this community, please email me and let me know! :-D