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14 August 2009 @ 07:29 pm
---My Excuse for Completely Ditching This Thing---

Due to my 'dark mark' problem I decided to leave the Marauders to their own free will as I took some time off to deal with the excruciating pain. After I learned to tolerate (it tooks a couple of years, as in, I'm now 18), I was looking through my closet and found the Timeturner that I had stored away. I remembered all the times I had with the Marauders and decided to use the Timeturner to the time when they would be in their 7th year. They were surprised, especially since Moony and Padfoot were in bed with each other. After being yelled out, and Moony taking time out to say hello, I scurried over to Prongs bed. He was just as surprised, because I interupted him and Lily touching all the bases. For the sake of curiousity I went over to check on Wormtail and well, I rather not discuss it.

I decided to hang in the common room until they were done. It didn't take that long, as I'm sure I ruined the mood. Though being a cock-blocker, they did seem glad to see me. I found out that Moony and Pafdoot were more open about their relationship, even though it was completely obvious to everyone around them. Prongs and Lily finally figured out that they were perfect for each other, and Wormtail is still the lame and slimy idiot he is.

And now this all leads up to me wanting to do a crossover of the Marauders and Star Trek, as I know that none of you are still reading this or clinging on to life for my every update (and if you are, that has got to be some awesome determination).

--- ---

Kyle: -reading Tales of Beadle the Bard-

Voice from the other room: Captains Log...

Kyle: -stops reading- Please tell that's just Peeves.

Moony: Kyle, there are people in here. One of them is hovering their wand all over me.

Kyle: -walks in to see 3 people in yellow shirts, 2 in red, and 2 in blue- Oh God...

Kirk: Greetings, we are crew members of the USS Enterprise, we come in peace. What do you call this planet?

Kyle: Earth, do you not recognize your own home planet?

Sulu: I told you, sir, but no it couldn't be that.

Kirk: Well, you said that there was some unknown energy on this planet and we know all the energies that reside on Earth.

Kyle: Unknown energy?

Kirk: Yes, the force was stongest in this part of the world. Where are we?

Moony: Scotland.

Scotty: Aye, it is the mother land!

Chekov: Russia?

Scotty: My motherland, you silly. But I don't seem to remember such a place like this.

Moony: This is Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Scotty: Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

Kyle: That's because this place is entirely protected by magic, it wouldn't show up on any map.

Spock: This so called magic, could it be related to this unknown energy?

Prongs: -comes in- Woah who is the hot babe?

Uhura: My name is Uhura, I am not just some hot babe.

Spock: Affirmative, altercate with her and you'll be familar to the sensation of being choked, just ask Kirk.

Kirk: The bruise marks don't go away for a week. Luckily I passed them off as hickeys. Well, until Scotty opened his mouth.

Scotty: I could have lied and said that you got them from a tribble, which one is more worse?

Kirk: Getting my ass kicked by Momma's Boy over there.

Spock: -cracking his knuckles-

Chekov: Momma's Boy's were inwented in Russia. Peter the third was a Momma's Boy.

Kyle: -snuggling Chekov- I love that you think that everything was invented in Russia.

Chekov: Thanks? Do you mind telling me vhy you are holding me?

Kyle: 'Cause you are so adorable! You're like a little puppy.

Sulu: Do you mind backing off? He mine -death glares-

Kyle: Bite me -sticks out tongue-

Sulu: I have a sword, do you want me to fucking use it?

Kyle: -backs away, sad-

Padfoot: -walks in- Woah, who is the hot babe?

Uhura: I swear to god, I am going to kill you.

Padfoot: I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to the blonde one in yellow.

Uhura: Kirk, Mr. I Think I'm Awesome?

Padfoot: Hey, that's what Moony calls me when I get on his nerves.

Moony: And if you touch Kirk, I will kill you with my claws.

Bones: And he's mine, scruffy boy.

Kyle: Wow, you're eyebrows are amazing.

Spock: People tell me that my eyebrows are pretty amazing.

Kyle: You shaved them off for the role. So, no, you lose this round.

Bones: Um, whoever you are, would you stop stroking my eyebrows? I'm a doctor, not a wax figure!

Scotty: Wow, am I the only one who is not in a relationship right now?

Kyle: I'm not.

Scotty: Sorry boy but I don't swing that way.

Kyle: Hell, by now I would think you would swing for anything.

Prongs: -on the floor, twitching-

Spock: -fuming-

Uhura: -look of disgust-

Kirk: -giggling-

Kyle: Lemme guess, Prongs touched your boob?

Spock: Sorry for that, I lost my control of emotions for a minute.

Chekov: Ooh, are those chocolates? -eats one-

Prongs: Chocolates?

Moony: Are those the chocolates you were going to give to Lily?

Prongs: And they are spiked with Love Potion.

Kyle: -races over to Chekov-

Sulu: Why are you on him again?

Chekov: For some reason I am quite attracted to the man clinging to my legs.

Sulu: Wait, what?

Kyle: Ha! He wants me not you.

Sulu: Sword?

Kyle: Oh please, I can do ten times more damage with this wand than you can with that sword.

Sulu: Do you have your wand?

Kyle: Shit. -backs away, again-

Chekov: Hehe, this feels good.

Sulu: Honey, stop touching your self, you are in public.

Chekov: But... but... I'm really... in the mood.

Prongs: You can go to that room over there, we use when we need to romp.

Kyle: Prongs, will you shut up. -glares-

Prongs: What did I do?

Sulu: Thanks, we'll, um, be right back.

Sulu and Chekov: -quickly go to the room, giggling-

Moony: But me and Padfoot were going to use the room.

Kyle: Here, take some chocolate. and give one to Sulu.

Kirk: Why do they get all the fun, I'm the Captain.

Bones: I can fix that! -shoves a chocolate into his mouth-

Kirk: Mmm, let's go into the room.

Prongs: Where's the pointy-eared one and the hot babe?

Kyle: Well, they're two pieces missing so I can only guess.

Prongs: Whatever, I am going to makeout with Lily, alone

Scotty: Well, it's just the two of us now.

Kyle: There's still one piece left.

Scotty: Want to Rock, Paper, Scissors for it? -looks at an box- Hey, where did it go?

Kyle: -scurries to the room- Chekov, teach me how they invented sex in Russian, I can do that too!
04 October 2007 @ 06:47 pm

Prongs: What is this?
Kyle: A picture of you guys.
Prongs: I don’t remember taking that!
Kyle: That was because you drank too much Firewhiskey.
Prongs: When did we have Firewhiskey?
Kyle: You smuggled it out of Hogsmeade.
Prongs: I didn’t do that.
Kyle: Again, you drank too much Firewhiskey to even remember that you drank it.
Prongs: Oh.
-Padfoot and Moony walk in with messy hair and clothes undone-
Kyle: You guys are not subtle, at all.
Padfoot: What do you mean?
Kyle: -rolls eyes- Nothing.
Padfoot: Anyways, what are you two blokes looking at?
Prongs: This picture we took, sometime ago.
Moony: It developed already? Wow that was quick.
Kyle: It is magic.
Moony: Ugh, look at my hair. It’s so long. When did I ever think that was an attractive looking?
Padfoot: Since I told you that it was good to stroke my fingers through.
Moony: Oh yeah, that’s right. I should grow it out again.
Kyle: Don’t. You’ll start losing your hair soon enough.
Moony: What!?
Kyle: Yep, you’ll start using the hair you have left to keep the sun from burning your scalp.
Moony: -starts feeling hair- This all your fault! –points to Padfoot-
Padfoot: How!?
Moony: You always tug at my hair when we… never mind.
Prongs: Have sex?
Moony: No, when were wrestling.
Kyle: Yeah, naked, on the bed, and he keeps hitting your ass.
Moony: I have no idea what you’re talking about. –walks away-
Prongs: So, he likes it rough, Padfoot?
Padfoot: Likes what rough?
Prongs: -rolls eyes- Forget it.

I’m making another post, pretty soon. I know I’m pretty late on things (I always am), but I really want to bring this thing back to life, because everything else has died and I don’t want the Harry Potter fandom to die on me. Constant Viligance!

17 July 2007 @ 03:23 pm

Kyle: REDUCTO! -cobwebs go away-
Padfoot: -coughcoug- Good lord, we havent been here in a while.
Prongs: Yeah... -inhales loads of dust- Oh god, that's intoxicating.
Moony: Please, I've had worst things in my mouth.
Kyle: No time for crude jokes. There is some serious business with have to attend to our fan base.
Wormtail: SNAPE..
Kyle: Avada Kedavra! I dont know why we didnt do that a long time ago.
Wormtail: -dead-
Moony: What is this 'serious business' that you speak of?
Kyle: Keeping secret whether or not that James son dies or not.
Prongs: HEY...
Kyle: It's not my fault that your son's future was prophesized by an alcoholic hogwarts teacher.
Prongs: Well, it's not my fault that you dont know the difference between a spinny toy and a timeturner.
Kyle: -sigh- Whatever. As I was saying, on July 21st, 2007, the book Deathly Hallows will be released and leaks of it have already came rushing through. This means that no one better spoil the damn book for me or they'll suffer the dire consequences. And just to note, that all replies that contain a spoiler in this community will be deleted and if it happens more than once, you'll be banned. If by any chance I happen to update again, you'll sadly lose the chance to read it.
Moony: Damn, you're mean.
Kyle: First of all, I just killed Pettigrew and no one noticed. And, I'm a freaking Slytherin, of course I am mean.
Padfoot: I just thought he fell asleep again -pokes-
Kyle: I said Avada Kedavra for god sakes.
Padfoot: Oh.
Prongs: He was probably too busy oggling Moony.
Padfoot: Shut your arse up.
Prongs: Make me.
Padfoot: -pulls out wand- Levicorpu...
Prongs: -runs away-
Padfoot: -chases-
Moony: Will you two idiots stop that! -runs after them-
Kyle: I guess that's all. Remember, shut up about the book unless you use a lj-cut, or feel the wrath of my used-way-too-much Avada Kedavra.
25 November 2006 @ 03:38 am


Kyle: -beats head repeatedly on desk-

Prongs: What are you doing?

Kyle: Beating an idea out of me.

Prongs: What for?

Kyle: NaNoWriMo

Prongs: NaNowhatMo?

Kyle: NaNoWRIMo! And it means National Novel Writing Month.

Prongs: You're writing a novel? You have problems updating Uptonogood!

Kyle: Dont Remind Me!

Prongs: Then why are you doing this?

Kyle: Bored.

Prongs: You know, I could lead you into a guild trip right now, but it's too easy. What's your story aboy anyways?

Kyle: Not telling.

Prongs: Why not, is it a surprise?

Kyle: No, I'm just really tired of saying it over and over and over again.

Prongs: Whatever, I dont really care anyways.

Kyle: Sure you dont.

Prongs: No, I dont.

Kyle: Fine, I'll tell you.

Prongs: Oh, goodie. -sits intentively-

Kyle: It's about a boy named Rames. He went to a school where he met his true love, Billy Joe. They get married, have child named Larry, and then die from the evil Jon Fiddles.

Prongs: That's boring. -walks away-

Kyle: You tell them their life story and they think its boring.

Padfoot: -pops in- What about Furious and Myrus?

Kyle: One dies a curtain because of the cackling Dominatrix Reallystrange. And the other one falls in love with an auror named Lympadora Bonks.

Padfoot: I hate you...-walks away-

Kyle: Join the club. -breaks pencil- Now how can I make up all those names but not a single thing for this damn story. -continues to bang head repeatedly on desk-
16 August 2006 @ 04:13 pm

Woohoo! I have 50 members watching! Keep it up!
14 August 2006 @ 02:33 pm

Padfoot: Kyle!

Me: What do you want?

Padfoot: I need help with homework?

Me: I dont know anything, I'm from the future, things change.

Padfoot: Can you please help me?

Me: Fine, but I might not be any help to you.

Padfoot: What's Wolfbane?

Me: You're kidding me, right? You are friends with Moony and you dont know what Wolfbane is?

Padfoot: I forgot.

Me: -sigh- It restrains werewolves from attacking people.

Padfoot: Oh, I thought it was some aphrodisiac to people half-human, half-canine.

Me: Who told you that?

Padfoot: Prongs.

Me: Why are you going to listen to someone who doesnt know the bright side of the sun.

Padfoot: Everything is the bright side.

Me: Exactly! He doesnt even know that! He's a complete moron.

Prongs: You know, i can hear you from the other room?

Me: Well, maybe you can be less of an idiot then.

Prongs: Well, if you havent noticed, i dont want to be smart like you.

Me: Dont make me Avada Kedavra your butt, cause I will have no guilty conscience if I do.

Padfoot: Will you two shut up? I am trying to do my homework, and it's due in 45 minutes.

Me: You wouldnt have to worry about that if you did it yesterday night.

Padfoot: Well... well... you're stupid!

Me: -loud sigh- I'm living with idiots! -storms off-

Padfoot: HAH! I won!

Moony: -sarcastic- Sure you did. -pats Padfoot's back- -walks off-

Padfoot: You bet I won, and I bet I'll win again! -notices no respond- Damnt, I should really pay attention more often.

29 June 2006 @ 08:44 pm

I'm sorry for the drought of post that have been coming, and I know I make excuses, like, my internet access has been broken for 2 weeks. That is actually true, by the way. Long story, so i wont explain. And since I like to make fun of myself at times, this is about me making excuses.

Prongs: Sorry that Kyle hasnt been around, he's been, uh...

Padfoot: At a Deatheaters Convention!

Moony: Oh, I thought he was watching and getting off on one of those cheesy MTV dating shows.

Prongs: Or he could of lied to us so he doesnt have to post for his fans.

Me: -raspy whisper- What are you doing?

Prongs: Like you said: giving them excuses for why you arent here...

Me: OW! My Wrist! -rubs it while shifty eyed- -raspy whisper- Shut up, dont tell them that!

Padfoot: -whistles suspciously- -Pushes Kyle out of hiding-

Prongs: Hey everybody, it's Kyle, back from the Deatheaters Convention!

Kyle: Um, Hi?

Prongs: How was the Convention?

Kyle: -thinks quickly- Uh... Dreadful! They made us sit through 69 ways to cast Avada Kedavra to your enemies. I fell asleep at 20: Rebound from a mirror.

Padfoot: Did you get to see, Voldemort?

Kyle: He was the guest speaker, he is always the guest speaker.
Well, I must be going now. I am in no mood to have my wrist hurt, and we have a deatheaters meeting tonight.
-walks off and stops at Prongs- Your lucky if I dont do #20 on you!


Have you guys noticed the new layout? I find it cool, because Black and Grey is one of the best colors combos ever.

Guess what! You get a collab today! Two of my most favorite things are going to be in here: Harry Potter and Doctor Who. And just because I have to, I dont the The Doctor(The 9th one) or Rose.
Kyle: So yeah, guys, I'm not going to put up the April Fools update.

Moony: Why not?

Kyle: Lazy.

Moony: But you kissing Krum, oh I mean Wormtail is hilarious.

Kyle: I'm still washing out my mouth.

-Rrring noise in the next room-

Kyle: Do you guys hear that?

Prongs: What the bloody hell would be making like that noise in our room?

Kyle: Well it seems pretty obvious. Lets go investigate.

-We all go into our corridor-

Kyle: It isnt...

Padfoot: Why is a blue police box in our room?

Kyle: I may have an idea.

Prongs: What?

Kyle: Its...

-The Doctor and Rose come out of the police box-

Kyle:... them.

The Doctor: Hello!

Kyle: Hi the last time lo... Hi stranger!

Rose: Were you just about to say what I think you were about to say?

Kyle: -shifty eyes- I have no idea what you are talking?

Rose: Okay then.

The Doctor: Now that we have done introductions, (Moony: No we havent) let gets to business. Have any of you seen a thinking-for-itself tree?

Kyle: You mean the Whomping Willow?

The Doctor: No, the thinking-for-itself tree.

Moony: No, it's called the Whomping...

Kyle: Just go along with him Moody.

Moony: Why?

Kyle: Cause we have to be careful, this guys bring trouble whereever he goes.

Prongs: Dont we?

Kyle: See, we already have things in common.

The Doctor: -sigh- You guys get too distracted, we need to get to business. I have heard that a werewolf lives inside...

Kyle: We already know that -points to Moony- He is the werewolf.

The Doctor: Oh, Hello!

Padfoot: We already did this.

Rose: I'm sorry for my alien companion's (Kyle: -giggles-) antics. He is always like this, he is a foreigner.

Kyle: Like WAY foreign.

Rose: Yes, EXTREMELY foreign.

The Doctor: STOP SIDE-TRACKING! Can we go look at the tree?

Kyle: Do you want to be smashed to bits?

Rose: No not really.

Kyle: Well then the answer is no.

Rose: Did you say Moony?

Kyle: Yes.

Rose: Are you guys the marauders?

Moony: Yes!

Rose: OH MY GOSH, you guys are from the Harry Potter series. I love those books. I thought you guys were fictional?

Kyle: Out all the things you have seen, you wouldn't believe that these guys are real?

Rose: Good point.

Kyle: Why isn't Captain Jack Harkness not with you guys? I thought Rose brought all her guy fellows with her. She "tried" to get Mickey to come with you guys, and you brought that Adam dolt along.

The Doctor: Jack is off doing something in another time, we'll get him, eventually.

Rose: I'm making him. I just swoon over him.

Moony: I'm just guessing that Kyle does too.

Kyle: Shut up. Just because he is a "hunka hunka burning love"(The Doctor: Oh god, not another one), doesnt mean I swoon over him.

Moony: Yes is does.

Kyle: Okay it does, I'm just in denial.

The Doctor: Was there a point of even being here?

Kyle: To meet me?

The Doctor: Um no. Our job is done here (Padfoot: What job?)

Rose: Damn. Okay, well, farewell.

Kyle: Padfoot, grab Prongs.

Prongs: -twitch- We was literally pushing me into that thing.

Rose: Damn!

-the Rrring sound starts off again until the blue police box disappear-

Padfoot: What the hell just happened?

Kyle: Um, trouble-on-legs came and didnt bring trouble, or explosions.

Moony: Dont count on it...

-a huge explosion at the lake occurs-

Kyle: Me and my mouth...

Prongs: I didnt know that the Giant Squid could walk on the land?

Kyle: -sighs- Someone get the professors.

Okay, well, it was a short visit but you know I was writing this on the top of my head and I didnt want to type forever. Like I said, i'm lazy. Though, I may make another one with the Tenth Doctor, because guess who plays that guy? Barty Crouch Jr. or David Tennatt and he is just as crazy as he is in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Anyways, another question for you all. Guess what is coming up? Finals. Just lovely, and you know, I might actually have to study for once. That sucks for someone who is lazy as me. So I may not update as much. (Pshh, like I update frequently)
20 April 2006 @ 07:24 pm
OMG! I love you all, if you dont mind and like friend me one more time and I'll be sure to give you that belated April Fools story.

Prongs: After 20 days of anticipation, you threaten them to friend you or else you won't post it?

Me: Only reasonable.

Prongs: Are you like on something?

Me: Well, today is 4/20.

Prongs: You are so juvenile.

Me: And you should be talking.

Prongs: Dont make me Levicorpus your ass.

Me: Oh no, I'm so scared.

Prongs: Fine, that is it...

Me: Wait, what are you doing, unhex that chair... ... ...keep that rope away from me... ... ...No not the rappers... ... ...I'm so sorry, I didnt mean to back talk you...

Prongs: Now call me, Super Hot Seeker Stud.

Me: What?! Go to hell... ... ...NO not GREEN DAY... ... ...fine, all hail the Super Hot Seeker Stud... ... ...-sobs- Let me go...

Prongs: -smiles evily- I'm sure Kyle will post the entry very soon. Isnt that right, Kyle?

Me: Yes! Now will you please untie me, Billie Joe Armstrong is getting a little too close.
07 March 2006 @ 09:26 pm

Last time on uptonogood___
Me: Welcome back everyone, I am now with Stanislav Ianevski, who plays Viktor Krum in film. So Stan, how is it to be a hot stud that YOU are?

Stan: Well, uh, I dont know if I can put it that way.

Me: You can't? -points microphone to fans-


Stan: I knew that THEY love me, it's just that you arent going to expect for me to say that I love myself, making me sound thoughtless.

Me: Well, yes, of course, becuase you are that kind of person who thinks before they act. You do for others before he do for himself.

Stan: You are correct.

Me: So you are bragging.

Stan: No, I am modest, you are the one that stated that comment.

Me: Oh yes, well sorry for attacking you, I just got in the moment.

Stan: Apology accepted. Now do you have a question involving the movie or anything or can I go?

Me: Oh yes, about the movie? Did you have a real crush on Emma Watson during the filming of this movie?

Stan: I did a little, but you sort of do being so close to her for about a year. But it was extremely little for I am already taken.

Me: Who?

Stan: I cannot say. (For I do not know, I just know that he is dating someone)

Me: You can go on your way now.

Stan: Thank you. -mumbles- God, I hate talking to fruitbaskets like him. -/mumbles-

Me: Yes, now lets go to Moony where he has Robert Patterson with him, the man who plays Cedric Diggory.

Moony: Thank you, Kyle. Yes, I am here with Robert AKA Cedric Diggory. Now, Rob, may I call you Rob. How did you feel about being the one to die at the end of the film, did this effect you any?

Robert: No, not really, but it did change my showering habit for I had to land in mud over and over again. I seriously hoped that we would perfect the scene soon so I didnt get dirty again.

Moony: Were disappointed by how many scenes you had in the film?

Robert: No, I am just glad that I got to see myself on the big screen.

Moony: Yes, it is a wonderful delight. Now, the actress who played Cho, did you have any relationship with her? I see you all the time next to each other.

Robert: We're friends now, but other than that we are just placed next during Red Carpet pictures to show who were dating in the movie.

Moony: Thank you Robert, Here is Wormtail with the Actor who plays Mad-Eye Moody and Ralph Fiennes who plays Lord Voldemort in the movie.

Wormtail: Th-th-th-ank you, Moony. [Mad-Eye Moody], how was it to have a contractible eye during the whole film?

[Mad-Eye Moody]: Well, I got to take it off, but it was bothersome at times, it rattled my eye, well the eye behind the one I had to use. But it was well worth it, I had a lot of fun.

Wormtail: And Ralph, did it feel weird to have all that make-up and protestics on you?

Ralph: I had to take off all my body hair for this role. I scared my kids a little with it. It's fun to play a whole different person, and talk in a different voice. It was all worth it, though I was in one scene and voiced over for another, I played a major role in a extreme plotlined story.

Wormtail: Thank you guys, back to you Kyle.

Me: Thats all for the Goblet of Fire DVD Release, will be back at the red carpet for the Order of the Phoenix where the Marauders get to see the actors that play them! Good Night.