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so i just remembered Scalpel (well-known Chicago TBM fan) posted clips from their new album on youtube. i figured i would share with you all, in case you've yet to see it. enjoy!


Music: TBM - "Control" preview

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hello, this is your moderator speaking. sorry i haven't been around for quite a while. honestly, i almost never use LJ anymore...and when i do it's my other account. anyway, i wanted to talk a bit about TBM. why? they are amazing! after not thinking i was going to see them, i was able to go to the Chicago show last minute. let me tell you...they were absolutely phenomenal. i highly recommend seeing them, because the new songs definitely will not disappoint you. they played four last night, but i only remember the names of two ("In The Dark" and "Pins And Needles"). my terrible videos may make it onto youtube, but the audio is horrendous...so i might spare your ears. my photographs aren't much better, but i'll try to scour them for some good ones to show you all. i've seen then in 2006, 2007 (House of Blues, not Abbey Pub), 2008, 2009, and now this year...all in Chicago. well, what about the rest of you? what shows have you gone to, or will be going to soon? hopefully you all get a chance to see them, and don't forget about the new album!

"Pins And Needles" - out September 14, 2010. http://www.metropolis-mailorder.com/product.php?prodnum=MET+680

by the way, for those of you new to the TBM concert scene, i urge you to stick around after the show. in case you didn't know, the band tries to hang out and sign autographs. sure pretty much everyone just flocks to Chibi, but the guys tend to mingle with the fans as well. don't forget! always say hello; they are super nice! hm, it must be a Canada thing...

Music: TBM - In The Dark (stuck in my head from last night)

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Issue 35 of the UK’s only fake-fur adorned rock ‘n’ roll read Bubblegum Slut zine is out now and includes a new interview with TBM’s Falcore. Also in this issue, another 16-track free sampler CD and 88 pages of the followingCollapse )
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so what do you do when your ears are still ringing and you need to take your mind off it? sign on to myspace! at least, that's what i did. good thing too, because the birthday massacre just posted tour dates for europe. so if any of you guys are from that part of the world, this post is for you! all you kids from the states on the west coast and kids from australia, i'll let you know if i find out anything about tbm touring near you. (:])

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TBM European Tour Dates ... July / August 2009
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Here are the dates so far..... please spread the word!!!

Thursday July 9th Oxford UK Academy 2

Friday July 10th Nottingham UK Rock City TBC

Saturday July 11th Manchester UK Academy 3

Sunday July 12th Liverpool UK Academy 2

Monday July 13th Newcastle UK Academy 2

Tuesday July 14th Glasgow Scotland Stereo

Wednesday July 15th Sheffield UK The Corporation

Thursday July 16th London UK Dingwall's

Saturday July 18th Koln Germany Amphi Festival

Monday July 20th Vienna Austria Club Show

Tuesday July 21st Milan Italy Musicdorome

Wednesday July 22nd Ravenna Italy Cervia Rock Planet

Thursday July 23rd Zurich Switzeland Dynamo

Sunday July 26th Waregem Belgium Gothic Festival

Wednesday July 29th Helsinki Finland Nosturi

Thursday July 30th Riga Latvia Melna Piekdiena

Friday July 31st Tallin Estonia Tapper

Saturday August 1st Karlskoga Sweden PIP Festival

Sunday August 2nd Oslo Norway John Dee

Tuesday August 4th Copenhagen Denmark Stengade

Thursday August 6th Tivoli Holland Summer of Darkness Festival

Saturday August 8th Hamburg Germany Logo

Sunday August 9th Hildesheim Germany Mera Luna Festival

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hey, everyone! this is your moderator speaking. sorry i've been kind-of sucky about updating this thing. well anyway, i figured i'd give a review of tonight's show in chicago since i just got back. this was my fourth year in a row seeing TBM and i must say, they never cease to amaze me. these guys are incredible. so, on with the review!

first off, the venue...reggie's rock club. if you're taking the train into the city, it's a little over two miles-ish to the venue from union station. yeah, don't be like me and wear friggin' huge pants while trying to walk through the city on a ridiculously windy day. right, well, we got to the venue just before 05:00pmCT and ended up waiting for at least an hour. you get inside and it's a cool place. they allow cameras, they had the merch right as you walk in (so it's not like house of blues where i couldn't find it and they were closing down when i finally got there)...so yeah it's a small venue but it's definitely somewhere cool to hang out. they had an upstairs bit with seating, which saved me when i was feeling about ready to pass out at the end of i am ghost's set. all in all, i definitely recommend going to reggie's for a show or two. oi and make sure you keep hydrated, kids!

now, dommin! these guys were fantastic! seriously, if you love TBM you're sure to like dommin. i can't remember any of the songs to save my life, but i remember they were some seriously good tunes. if you've checked them out on myspace and think they're just alright, they are so much better live (in my opinion). they all seem like pretty cool, laid back people too so that's always nice. oh and they stuck around afterward so you could talk to them if you wanted (though most people just crowded around chibi).

second came i am ghost. holy hotness these guys were phenomenal. i only recognized one song, but they were beyond amazing. they had so much energy, and gave such a powerful performance, they had mosh pits going and everything. well ok, just one mosh pit...if you can call it that. still, i highly suggest you see them in concert sometime. i'd never seen them before, so this was a whole new experience for me. my heart was pounding. the music was crazy, loud, and so much better than i expected. again, they too seemed like a bunch of great guys. sometimes band members can be real jerks, but i didn't get that vibe at all from i am ghost. seeing them live is definitely a good time, so go check them out if you get a chance!

last but not least, the main event, the birthday massacre! for the first two songs i was in the upper level of the venue, so i didn't get quite the feel i normally do from seeing them live. once we went back down to the main floor though, oh my god! another perfect performance by TBM. the crowd gave really positive feedback, which made the band in turn release even more energy. chibi was her usual playfully theatrical self. rainbow still spun in circles while o-en bounced around a lot. falcore and o.e. i couldn't see too well, but they seemed as enthusiastic as ever. of course rhim could hardly be seen way in the back. some of the songs they performed were shiver, looking glass, video kid, violet, and i think we're alone now. man, i can barely hear anything and i'm incredibly sore, but it was definitely worth it. we got rained on walking back to the train station and my pants almost turned into a parachute and lifted me into the wind, but it was definitely worth it. seriously guys, i cannot stress this enough...it was definitely worth it. if you haven't gotten tickets yet, you really should! oh and don't forget the band always sticks around afterward. i looked terrible, but i made my way to chibi and finally got to talk to her. four years of trying to talk to her and either wussing out or not getting to see her, and i gave in and went for it. yep, another thing that's definitely worth it. oi and yes, she really is that short. well, i made her a duct tape/knitted purse with a robot boy holding a purple lightsaber. i also made her a mixed cd and drew something ( http://pixiedoll-talim.deviantart.com/art/the-lover-edited-the-final-t-122187373 ) involving lyrics from "velvet" (that was all belated birthday stuff, by the way). oh then, i had duct tape wallets for all the guys. don't want to leave them out! everyone seems to focus on chibi, but there's so much more to the band than just a short, cute girl. don't forget that! anyway, she really is super nice. i nearly had a heart attack finally talking to her, but she's still super nice. well, they all are. so go see them why don't you!

so yeah, there's my bit of a review. i'm a bit out of it right now and about ready to pass out, but i thought i'd at least attempt to type up something about it. i may or may not have photographs/video in the next few days. we'll see what turned out and what didn't. anyway...have fun, stay safe, and keep rockin' those TBM tunes!

Music: no music for me...my ears won't stop ringing still!

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