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Uh Oh! Am I Dinner?!

First and Middle Name: Emily Nicole
Age and Birthday: Fifteen February 27, 1990
Location: Chicago
Gender: Female
Favorite Member (not a MOD): Kaylee / ______lovexwar / She is gorgeous !!!
5 Bands:
1 Orenda Fink
2 The Faint
3 Bloc Party
4 Frou Frou
5 Q and Not U
5 movies:
1 Kung Pow
2 Garden State
3 SLC Punk
4 Envy
5 Wayne's World
5 books:
1 Brave New World
2 A Wrinkle in Time
3 Speak
4 1984
5 A Wrinkle in Time
5 sentences about your day: Well, I was going to ditch with my friends Garrett and Scott because none of us felt like suffering through another day of school. We left school during 0 hour and headed over to Country Charm for some hot cocoa. On the way back to my house, I thought I saw my mom driving in her van, so I jumped into this thick brush by the side of the road which turned out to have a sewer at the bottom (so I literally fell into a ditch). I came out soaked with a busted up knee. On my way home a cop drove me home to my house and called the school so that I wouldn't have to come in.
5 of your friends [pictures] :

Mitch & Liz




Promote us in 2 places:

5 pictures OF YOUR FACE:

1 picture (of you) to convince us that you're great:
How about a video instead?
1 150x150 picture for the Member's Page:
I can resize one later, if I get accepted.

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