January 2nd, 2004



My mom is Israeli and no matter what she'll always make three times as much food as what's eaten.
And when we have guests she keeps pouring on their plates, even when they tell her they don't have space for anymore food or want to leave some space for the next course. She brushes them off, and gives them a full new portion of soup or whatever it is.

I miss her, she's away for christmas/start of the new year. And I haven't eaten like a proper human being cause of that! - Proper human being, is according to my moms terms of course.
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Food yet again!

Whoa! Two posts in a day.

Either way my moms persian friend just called to ask if I had food, and should I need any I could just come over(as mentioned before my mom is away).

This wasn't my mom. But it was my mom's friend, who's also a foreigner, so I hope the post is still valid.
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I'm new.

My parents are Chinese.

This means I get to take SAT prep course after SAT prep course after - you get it.

But, get this: My dad (the philandering bum) left my mom for some other Chinese woman (so now I have two Chinese moms), and I guess he feels guilty or something so he gets me anything I ask for.

And also, my mom's boyfriend is Colombian, and he's so very conoisseur-ish. He takes us (my mom, my brother, and me) out to Italian, French, Vietnamese. It's good.

But my mom's still all STUDY STUDY STUDY.

Anyhow, hi.