December 7th, 2003

spread the word annie.

this community is slowly dying.
im going to save it.
my mom thinks i dress like a hippie.
and when we passed by hot topic she
was like "vicky look your fav store,
they have hippie clothes."
gee. my mom is soo weird.
i think she means "punk"
by hippie.
and i totally not a punk.
gee our fob parents.
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So my parents are both iranian.
Dad: Your not going to ver dat outside,are you?
Me: Yeah why?
Dad: You want to be a SEELUT?
Dad: Under my dead body you go out of dis house looking like dat!

hahaha i love how he pronounces slut. I get a kick out of it everytime. <333
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oh gosh it sounds like some dramatic book where the main character goes through heck with his mom but after some huge major turning point, in the end, he realizes how much he loved her after all. awwwww.

well, both of my parents are filipino, and though my upbringing's probably not been the same as everyone else's i think everything's turned out okay (for these 19 years i've been here) and i love them a lot. i just think of those things they do or say as funny and sometimes unreasonable quirks..but it stinks 'cause you know you can't win when you try to argue.

i hope 15 or so years from now my kids won't be here talking 'bout meee imma try to be a cool mom ;)
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So I came home for thanksgiving a week ago, and whatever. So the day after thanksgiving I went out shopping, because I'm cool like that, and I came home and my mom was watching BET. And I'm all hey mom! look what I bought you,. and she goes nina, are you givin me face?. I died laughing. My mom is 100% french, and is addicted to black entertainment television.

true story.
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i think it is time we create a list of all the...unique phrases our parents have come up with.
i'll start. add to it by replying.

my persian mom:
"speak of the satan"
"packed up on me"
"stop downloading" (when she's trying to say, "get off the internet")
"chat line" (instant messages)
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so i just joined because some chick posted a link on the indiefucks community.

i think the idea behind this community is fuckin' awesome. both my parents are from cuba and while my mom only has an accent when speaking spanish, my dad's ricky-ricardoness is evident at all times.

they're so cool.


This is the perfect community for me.
Israeli mother, Polish dad, and I live in Denmark.

My dad has lived here since he was 18, and my mom has lived here for 18 years.

btw, should anybody be a Skunk Anansie fan, then please visit skunk_anansie. New members are very very very very welcome.
sorry for advertising, but I figured as long as I make my initial post I might as well add it. My community needs memebers, dammit!
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different opinions

you know what sucks? when your opinions/beliefs clash with your parents. my mom believes men ALWAYS fold their arms across their chest, and never in their pockets or on their hips. She believs my orange shoes are for girls even though they're orange and white, and DC; and I bought them in the Men's section.

oh and that because i like enchilladas, then i will end up marrying a mexican and not a filipino, and so i should eat filipino food instead

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I'm glad I found this community....

Both my parents are from Colombia. But I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. My dad immigranted over to the US in the late 60s and my mom in the early 80s.

Its both great and difficult to have grown up immersed into both cultures.... still trying to discover the whole colombian part of it. On Friday, I'm off to Colombia for Christmas Break. I haven't been there in 5 years, I'm sorta embarrassed of my spanish pronunciation being slow (but I'm working on it!), and I hate being known as the "gringa," as the american, or as the "american cousin" by relatives .... experiences of my last trip down there. I'm really hoping all goes well....
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(no subject)

so, i got my nose pierced about 3 weeks before thanksgiving....and my mom didnt know about it. (she's cuban) and i knew i wasnt going to see her until the day before thanksgiving...and i wasnt sure how she would take it.My brother has a million different piercings and tattoos, and she doesnt like them, but she still loves him. So, i was hoping that she wouldnt take it badly. Anyhow, the day before i was going home i called her and told her about it. Here is her response:

You took it too far. You arent in a tribe. Thats disgusting.

I kind of just rolled my eyes and was like whatever. Took what too far. A tribe? Where on earth does she get this stuff from.

anyway, when she saw me she realized how small it is and how i dont look bad at all with it.

i just thought that this response was just more of a foreign parent thing.


Whoa man this community is awesome!
My dad is soooo Mexican it hurts!
For all of you who know me you've probably met him.
He mispronounces words all the time and walks around the house in his boxers and is always shirtless when he is out of the house.

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