October 30th, 2003


oh yah

one time my brother and i were hungry in korea and lookin for some american food...so we hit up mcdonalds.

i dont think i've ever worked so hard for a fuckin cheeseburger.
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my mom was asking me who I was going trick-or-treating with. and she goes
"Are you going with Andy?"
"No, Mom."
"Which one is Andy?"
"If you met him, he was probably wearing a beanie."
"What color?"
and I thought she meant what color beanie, so I said "black"
and she goes "YOU KNOW BLACK PEOPLE?"

shit head.

my dad called me poop head in his foreign language.
and one day he asked me how do you say that in eng.
i said i dont know
he said
___ head. so how do you say poop in eng ?
i said.
uhh poop
at the same time my mom yells out SHIT!

it was a crack up.
my parents r weird. they want me to hang out with foriegn exchange students.
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