October 25th, 2003

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So my mom says to me, "Bryan hand me the jello pages."
I say, "The jello pages."?
She says, "Yeah, the jello pages. With the phone numbers."
So I respond, "Oh the yellow pages.

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so i cut the neck off of one of my shirts and my mom says to me, she says, "Hey Annie. You look like a dirty American Hooker." she's wonderful. i was in the car with some friends a while back and i kept talking about masturbation.

she didn't get it. it's wooooonderful. qwhen i say pussy, she thinks i mean coward. when really i mean vagina.

onthaal aan tu_madre _!
bienvenue au tu_madre _ !
recepción al tu_madre _!
добро пожаловать к tu_madre _!

now go invite people and stuff.
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