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my momma works and lives in the philippines as of now because she's a diplomat. sometimes it's hard for me to ever imagine her business-like and professional cos she's such a goofball crackhead.
i talked to her the other night and she was asking me things about my boyfriend, she did the usual "does he have a fine appreciation for the arts? neruda? rumi? cohelo? calder? basquiat?" and then she
randomly busted out with,
"does he clean his ears regularly?"
"does he brush his teeth? cos i dont think i want my daughter to be kissing some nasty toothed anorexic-looking boy that doesn't wash his hair"
and she asked me to describe to her what he looked like and
i just shurgged and said "hm i duno i guess you know like andy, 'emo' or whatever"
and she's like "ohhh, EMO... like nirvana, kurt cobain."

she's so cute when she tries.
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