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+ 塚本高史 +

Takashi Tsukamoto

Takashi Tsukamoto LJ community
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TakaxShun Is Best Friends Love

Credited to jisatsuganbou ^_^.

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This is a community for discussion/images/links etc about Japanese actor/model/singer Takashi Tsukamoto.
▪ No flaming --- the posts will be deleted.
▪ Respect others opinions and try to be civil to all members please. ^^
▪ All icons/pictures etc must be put behind an lj-cut. (If there is more than 1 icon.)
▪ This is a yaoi friendly community - fics/icons and pics of that nature are welcome. Anything NC-17 must be put behind a cut and locked though.
▪ It's also fine to discuss/put up stuff for people related to Takashi-kun --- such as his former cast friends and other bishonen someway related to him.
No Memes/Quizzes. Unless you are advertising a new one --- then all results must be put as a comment and not a separate post of they will be deleted.
▪ All spoilers for films/doramas etc must be clearly marked.
Your maintener is sasword and her moderator rebelrebel

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