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trulybeautiful_'s Journal

Are you beautiful on the inside and out?
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WELCOME TO trulybeautiful_.

Meet Your Mod::
Kacey [heybr0wneyes] is 15 years old and attends Pound High School in a small town in Virginia. You may contact her through AIM, e-mail, or ICQ. Her AIM SN is [x0x0 klh 04], her e-mail address is [phsfan08@yahoo.com] & her ICQ number is [175982733].
Please do not leave numerous comments on my personal journals, flood my e-mail, and IM me constantly wanting to know if you are accepted. It's annoying, so just don't do it. Believe it or not, I do have a life outside of Livejournal, just as well as you do. Thank you! I am currently looking for another mod. Please let me know if you are interested.

Rules For Applicants::
01] If you are rejected, you may reapply only once.
02] Don't argue with the stamped members or mods. Arguing = automatic ban.
03] Don't make a post, other than your application, until you are stamped.
04] When asked what bands/singers you like, do NOT make a giant list. please.
05] If you apply & are accepted, please please please, stay active.
06] Don't reply to every single one of your comments on your application.
07] Post your application within 48 hours [two days] of joining.
08] Try to have fun. Don't get upset just because someone gave you a no.
09] Make all posts friend's only.
10] Do NOT delete your application under ANY circumstances. If you do, you'll be banned.

Rules For Stamped Members::
01] Put STAMPED in the subject line or somewhere in your post when posting.
02] Give reasons for your votes. Tell why you like or dislike them.
03] Don't give someone a yes or no based on their music, movies or television preferences.
04] Don't be too harsh on on the applicants. Just know where to draw the line.
05] If you are going to be inactive, let us know.
06] If you have a question/suggestion for the community, don't be afraid to ask or tell us.
07] We're not going to hound you about promoting, but try to help us a little.
08] Make all posts friend's only.

We have several applications to choose from. You may be accepted into this community based on just your looks, just your personality, or both. Choose the application of your choice & apply.

Do not use RichText!




Members List::
Kacey [heybr0wneyes] - mod/maintainer
Abby [scubasailor] - 550 points
Amber [eyesofgreen_] - 325 points
Amanda [degrassi_gal] - 0 points
Ashley [vajrteen03] - 610 points
Brianne [xlil_miss_brex] - 0 points
Cera [___etnies] - 0 points
Emily [emmyg_mvp] - 0 points
Jordan [party_by_night] - 0 points
Kailey [colorsofmyheart] - 385 points
Kari [crazie_duckie] - 410 points
Kearsten [__dirtyblonde51] - 0 points
Kelsey [_520] - 1175 points
Melody [__mpbx3] - 0 points
Priscilla [__memphis] - 210 points
Ryan [_rkv_] - 25 points
Samantha [sumbodysxnobody] - 0 points
Susan [so0zie_q] - 0 points

Banned List::
christinalove - for deleting her application.

Point System::
The points for each user are cleared every two weeks.
25 points for any post in the community you make.
25 points per month for just being active.
35 points for every post that contains text, a picture, & one promotion.
50 points per promotion you make. (must show exact links)
70 points for showing your promotions to a community.
90 points for having a user join, saying you promoted to them.
100 points for making the community an icon/banner/some sort of GOOD graphic.
100 points for winning a scavenger hunt
150 points for a user who you promoted to getting accepted.

50-199 points - you get to promote another community here.
200-250 points - you get to auto-reject/auto-accept an applicant.
251-350 points - you get to be mod for 3 days.
any higher points - anything you want, if it is within reason.

This week's theme is memories. You may post pictures of a memorable summer, moment, friend, etc. You may make a post in the community telling about your favorite childhood memory. Remember, you get 25 points for being active, and 90 points for participating in a theme.

Scavenger Hunt::
The winner of 11-30-05's scavenger hunt is Amber [eyesofgreen_].
The winner of 12-04-05's scavenger hunt is Kelsey [_520].

You get 25 points for participating, and 100 more points for winning. Who ever posts all the items first wins. You may google these items, while I prefer you to use your digital camera if you have one.

Affiliates/Sister Communities::
_divinex3 _sharethelove_