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Sorry but i shall be leaving. the community doesn't do much anymore and i'm not on Live Journal all the much anymore so there really is no point in staying. But it was fun. Bye!


Saturday was my boyfriend Dan and I’s two year anniversary. I gave him a video game he had wanted and he gave me to DVD of the first movie we ever saw together (School of Rock.) It was a very cute thing to give. We went to the mall and saw the movie Just Live Heaven. It was an awesome movie. I cried, lol. Then we went and ate lunch/dinner at a restaurant and talked. It was fun. After that we walked around and I bought a few things. Then we went to his house, watched home movies, and I went home after about a half an hour. It was very fun and I’m very happy. :-)


Yes yes yes. I am tryin to come back. Cause you guys are just awesome and this is the only comunity I'll be rejoining at the moment.

So what do you guys think? Shall I re-apply?

<3 Amberrrrr