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Trent Reznor

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hi!..) [30 May 2009|12:08pm]

[ mood | good ]

i`m new too.. i have bad english, so sory for my future mistakes..)
NAME: Victoria.. Vico, Vica, as you wish..
AGE: i`m only 19, but i`m very smart for my age.. hahaha..))
YEARS, SINCE I <3 NIN: my friend gave me dvd with 4 album of Nine Inch Nails. I heard it before, but not so closer.. And then I begin to listned it.. Now its my favourite band, Trent is one of my favourite men..))
MY LIFE: i`m simply student.. playing drumms, live in Ukraine, producing our alternative band ARMADA.. you may know it. I sells websites, but its not my job..) And I like Trent Reznor more then anybody..)


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Hello. Guess what? I'm new. Yay. [05 Aug 2007|06:22pm]

I am NIN obsessed and so I thought I better join this community as well.



Years I <3 NIN:
Since I first saw the video for Starfuckers, Inc. (2000 I guess...).

My Life:
Pretty messed up. Music keeps me alive (Who doesn't feel the same way?). I love everything Mr. White has done and still does (musical). I work in a morgue (Yes, I really do.).  Dr. Gregory House is my soulmate. ;-)

Check out the band KIDNEYTHIEVES! You might like them, they sound a bit like NIN, but with a female singer. They work closely together with Sean Beavan who mixed songs for Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral. They are working on a new record right now.


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[31 Jul 2007|08:40am]

does anyone have that update picture where Trent is in the seats of Red Rocks with his dog from 2005?

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Hei! [07 Dec 2006|10:15pm]

[ mood | content ]

Name: Tennyo (or Steph)
Age: 24
Years I <3 NIN: less than one - I fell in love with them when I saw them live at Sasquatch festival in Washington state. I'd known of them for years and years at that point.
My Life: I work for a call center and loathe my job with a passion, but they pay well and if I can survive another six months I'll be safely away from here and hopefully residing in Finland with all my paperwork taken care of. I'm from Victoria, BC, Canada...anything else you want to know, just ask!
My Favorite Trent picture: TrrrrentCollapse )
A Pic of Me: And myselfCollapse )
That's me!

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[15 Sep 2006|10:42pm]

[08]Ewan McGregor
[10]Trent Reznor
[17]Shirley Manson


I hope that you like them :)

(Bleed like me...)
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[14 Mar 2006|05:08pm]

NiNCollapse )
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[12 Mar 2006|08:16pm]

[ mood | need food, it's 9 pm ]

Name: Barbara
Years I <3 NIN:none yet, it's been 1 week now ;)
I came across the genius of Trent when I watched a video some Harry Potter fan made. It comprised of clips from the 2nd HP movie and it used "Closer" as the background music. After hearing it I became interested in who sang it and I started searching the internet. I had heard of Trent only from comparisons with my fave HP character Severus Snape, and that was what got me hooked. Since then I've been listening to NIN 24-7, my poor bf hates it but has to listen to it anyway ;)
I must say I liked Trent's old look better than the new one. I prefered him with the long hair and slim figure (more "Snape-like"), now he looks like a budybuilder. Kinda kills the illusion that his music creates. But hey, if he likes it it's fine with me :)
My Life: Quite boring really. I live in a small town in Germany in my mother's house, but my bf and I are planning to move to LA this year. I am aspiring to become a musician/singer, and you have more chances for that in the US.
My Favorite Trent picture:
I love his eyes!! Don't they just say: "I know you want me, so come and get me!"
A Pic of Me: Check the user pic :)

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please-complete-me [20 Dec 2005|05:07pm]

[ mood | working ]

All though I'm against rules, I'll follow these: Here's my info:

1. Post about Trent Reznor or Nine Inch Nails.
Okay I suppose that won't be too hard
1.2 ALWAYS post a photo or Trent or NIN-things under a l-j cut.
I will as soon as I pay for my journal and can insert images, so for now my icon will have to do
2. Tell us about yourself and your NIN-ness.
I was 13 when I first started the emersion into NIN-ness and Reznor-ness, I always thought he was hot, even when he was just a skinny, pale, dark lord of personal demons, but now that he is buff, hotter than ever, OMG, let him do what ever he wants to me!
Name: Sephira
Age: 24
Years I <3 NIN: 11-12years I've loved anything NIN
My Life: Oh, besides work, school, my boyfriend of 9yrs (who also by the way used to be a skinny goth boy, and started lifting bout 2yrs ago with the body building bible (by arnold s.) and got really buff to. He went from 160 to 200 all muscle, it still boggles my mind! He had to buy all new black t-shirts because his old ones were to tight around his torso.
My Favorite Trent picture: look at my icon
A Pic of Me:
sorry don't have one yet
3. Post pictures of Trent
4. <3 everyone!okay

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I forgot because I'm lame [13 Oct 2005|12:36am]

[ mood | chipper ]

OMG I am sooooooo retarded. I started this community way back in March and ran away crying when there were like... three people after a month. Then I forgot about it because, apparently, I am lame. :/

But I am so freaking excited to see people have actually started using it! Now I put the one group i have ever created back on my friends list. Lol. This makes me happy.

Anyway, to follow my own rules.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And I am going to be a bitch and pimp this community:

We're in need of a Head Boy and Prefects for Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor.
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[02 Oct 2005|09:10pm]

NOTE: I come bearing gifts.

[Requiem for a Dream ft. NIN - Right Where It Belongs]

1.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 4.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 14.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

What if all the world you think you know is an elaborate dream?Collapse )

Same rules apply:
- DO NOT hotlink
- Credit me _monroeville_
- DO NOT modify them in any way

(x-posted at ownage_graphics)
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[10 Aug 2005|11:17am]

Coffee is my drug of choice O.oCollapse )
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[19 Jul 2005|03:48am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Yea I'm newCollapse )

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Unique Wood Framed Trent Reznor Art - Check out my Auction [12 Jul 2005|11:58pm]

Trent Reznor Art from The Perfect Drug

Very low starting price. Only 2 days left.
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Hi. [29 Jun 2005|02:15pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Errmm... hello.Collapse )

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Banners [16 Jun 2005|01:48pm]


I made some Trent banners today. They are the first ones I've ever made, and the only program I have is paintbrush, so they are pretty raw. But I thought I'd share them with you anyway. Any feedback would be greatly appriciated. And if you actually like them and would like to use them, please save them to your own server and please be kind enough to credit. =)


Banners hereCollapse )

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Greetings ;) [14 Jun 2005|11:44am]


Intro to me.....Collapse )

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me-ness [06 Jun 2005|12:30pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Name: Jenn
Age: 23
Years you <3 NIN: around seven.. a bit before The Fragile came out
My Life: err.. I have my boyfriend, Mike, my 9 month old son, Spike, and my obsession, Trent Reznor.. that's about it
My_Favorite_Trent_picture:Collapse )

A_Pic_of_Me:Collapse )

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Hi i'm new. <3 [06 Jun 2005|04:43pm]

[ mood | Good :D ]

Hay i'm new here.
Name: Mel
Age: 14 *pouts*
Years you <3 NIN: ooooo not quite a year
My Life: is'nt the most interesting, just school,being a teenager and all that.
My Favorite Trent picture:
(Fave trent pic.)
A Pic of Me:

Hope i did this right...... : )

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Help! [25 Mar 2005|04:56pm]

does anyone have any idea of how to get the word out about this community? I think that with the new album out this could really turn into something that people use instead of one of those lame communities that die. A dead Trent Reznor community is a travesty. NEW RULECollapse )
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*bows humbly at Lord Trent's feet* [23 Mar 2005|09:17pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Name: Lyndsi (you can call me Noko though, everyone else does)
Age: 24
Years you <3 NIN: Since The Downward Spiral came out
My Life: Manager at an upscale hotel, amateur graphic designer and web designer, college student, enjoys music, art, nature, and learning about other cultures and religions. Very open minded, good sense of humor, great friend, loves to meet new people and make new friends. Did I mention that I LURVE Trent Reznor ?
My Favorite Trent picture: There are so many, but this is the most recent one. God he gets sexier with age...and that stubble on his face...*shudder*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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