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These are the rules

(a) To the Left, To the Right is solely and wholly concerned with matters of a celebrity trouser nature (with certain exceptions, detailed below - see Rule H and relevant subsections thereafter).
(b) Specifically, the crotch department
(c) and which side requires a little slack in the tailoring department, i.e. to which side a gentleman dresses
(d) photographic proof is preferred, but not essential
(e) no text speak
(f) each new observation of dressing must be in a new post
(h) We, as a community, are also interested in what celebrities smell like. This can be based on actual field observation or may be purely speculative.
(i) These do not need to accompany any observations of a groinal nature
(j)We have no interest whatsoever in any 'members' of The Bravery
(k) each post must follow the format:
- (i)Name of subject
- (ii)Date and venue of observation
- (iii)Why were you even looking?
- (iv)To the left or to the right?
- (v) Any additional information, such as suspicions of padding and/or any other artificial enhancements, girth, changes of direction over time, etc
(l) With reference to rule (k), subsection (v), photographic evidence is especially encouraged for verification purposes. Graphs may also be included (bar, pie or scatter only).
(m) with reference to rule (K), subsection (iv) the answer must be either
- (i)To the left
- (ii)To the right
- (iii)Up and under
- (iv)around and around and around and around and around
(n) with reference to rules (h) - (J), we positively encourage descriptions of a purple, nay, baroque nature and no word limit shall be imposed. Smells may be challenged but only in the comments of the original post
(o) We are particularly interested as to whether Paul Smith off of Maximo Park (not off of fashion) smells of chorizo and/or peppermint. Any convincing evidence will be rewarded with the relevant food product.
(p) We don't mind knowing what Paul Smith off of fashion (not off of Maximo Park) smells like, but there will be no material benefit. We're just curious.
(q) Should any of these rules be broken, alchemywow will personally spam you with unpleasantness and your post WILL be deleted.

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