July 20th, 2006

Dr Who

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hi everyone..I'm new! my name is Melissa and I'm a cartoonaholic. lol. I just wish more old cartoons would be on tv still..oh well. I guess we'll have to just deal with dvds [which I guess is good enough, it's like on demand right? lol.] I'm just excited that animaniacs and pinky and the brain are coming out next tuesday [jul25]!!! [I didn't believe it at first till someone sent me some pictures of the actual covers] I'm really one of those people that needs to see it to believe it..esp with cartoon dvds..so lookie!

does anyone else miss these cartoons as much as me? I betcha I could sing the theme songs still..haha..

anyways, just thought I'd say hi to you all!! :)


ps. sorry about the pictures not being under a cut, I'm not sure if they're supposed to be or not..so just yell at me and I'll change it! :)
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