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I am new here. My favorite cartoons are:

The Angry Beavers
Tiny Toons
Ahh Real Monsters
Pinky and the Brain
Dave the Barbarian
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Old Favorite cartoons were:

My Little Ponies
Pound Puppies

The only cartoon merchindise I have is The Angry Beavers! ^_^

-2 hats
-Norb and Dag keychains
-TAB tshirt
-Norb and Dag big stuffed animals
-Norb and Dag beanies
-Norb and Dag gumball toys
-Norb and Dag toon team
-Norb and Dag slumber party
-Norb and Dag chopping stuffed animals
-Norb and Dag giggle sticks
-TAB tapes
-TAB comics/articles/episode guides/some scripts
-TAB pictures

Hope to make new friends :) Byes!

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