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Today I went to the market, and I found these little gift tags, and they had carebears on them!!!!
One was a tenderheart bear one, and one was a share bear one, they gorgeous, so here's my carebear list:
Care bear double bed set (doona cover + two pillow cases)
Care bear alarm clock
Care bear book labels
Care bear wall clock
Care bear lunch box
Care bear pencil tin
Carebear money box
Funshine bear song book
Funshine bear figurine
Care bear pencil case
Funshine Bear (large)
Funshine Bear (medium)
Funshine Bear (small)
Friend Bear (small)
Playful heart Monkey (medium)
Brave heart Lion (medium)
Pink Funshine Bear cap
Assorted carebear pictures (about 400 of them)
Care bear coloring in book
Care bears: The movie
Carebears Volume 1 (video)
Carebears Volume 2 (video)
Funshine Bear presents.... (video)
Tenderheart Bear (small)
Wish Bear (small)
Gift tag - Sharebear
Gift tag - Tenderheart

If anyone has anything they'd like to donate, feel free ;)
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