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Too Cute For Words

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All Members , Moderated
Think you're hot, sexy, pretty, beautiful, cute, and dorky or maybe just simply goregeous? Post your pics and the survey filled out with your answers and see if you have what it takes to be accepted by people of the general public.

[[fav bands]]:
[[what do you love about communuties]]:
[[what do you hate about communties]]:
[[what are your fears]]:
[[what are your favorite movies]]:
[[how did you hear about us]]:
[[what's your best feature]]:
[[what're your favorite books]]:
[[describe yourself in five words or less]]:
[[what do you do for fun]]:

1. Be honest but not brutal
2. No advertising for other communities. They have communities just for that.
3. If you're posting more than two pictures please put it behind an LJ cut. <*lj-cut text="put whatever text you want here">, [Make sure you take out the * ]
4. If you're new please post that you're new in the title.
5. No racisim or anything such as that. It won't be tolerated.
6. Post more than one picture and make sure they are clear. You must also have atleast one face shot and one where you are by yourself. Body shots aren't a must have.
7. Don't vote on others unless you've been accepted