prettyful new layout. looking for a picture to make the journal almost complete. we also need donations of banners from the members and maybe fans..thx people


ps-do you like what the comment says? tell us what you'd like if you don't=D
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hey, im new here and this seems like a pretty cool community but i was wondering who the mod was because i have a really cool layout idea that i could do if you wanted me to so yeah thats all from me! bye!
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Well how do you do I feel honored to be the 3rd member of this community

tip: if you want more people to join get a cool picture as the backround and put way more bands in the interest and make it all jazzy like that
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i feel honored to be the second member and the second post. uhh since this should relate to music i think i'll say a little about myself and how it relates to music

i am rae. i hate avril lavigne (avril the evil, avril lawhore, etc.). ppl say i look like fefe dobson (haha never). billie joe armstrong is my husband..he just doesn't know it yet. i love greenday, the offspring, evanescence, linkin park. yeah, i like new rock (mostly), but older rock is good too. and that's all i can really think of right now.
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