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Hinamori Momo Fans // Tobiume_

Snap, Flying Plum!

Hinamori Fans
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Welcome to Hajike, Tobiume! An LJ community dedicated to Hinamori Momo of Bleach.

Name: Hinamori Momo ||  検波値
Referred to as: Hinamori-kun, Hinamori-fukutaichou, Bedwetter Momo or Momo-chan
Age: Unknown
Birth date: June 3
Home: Soul Society
Division: 5
Position: Vice-captain
Distinguishing features: Petite figure and frequently wears her hair up into a bun.
Aim: To become a good vice-captain.

Specialties: Her Shikai, Tobiume's (Flying Plum) attack consists of a concentrated burst of flames that can disintegrate buildings with a flick of her wrist. The release command is "Hajike (Snap)!" Her Bankai is still unknown.
Personality: A person whose kind hearted soul has made her quite loved by the rest of the Gotei 13, Hinamori Momo is a talented young subordinate of Aizen Sousuke. Ususally timid and a shy and friendly character, Hinamori's strength is in the ones she loves and admires. Her temperment is quite the opposite of the shy person we first see; when in rage, she snaps and will destroy anything and everything that blocks her path. A fearsome opponent, her skills at battle will leave you speechless. She is also a loyal and good friend when not angered.

1. No off-topic posts. It must relate in some way, shape or form, to Hinamori.
2. Promoting is fine, if Bleach-related, just don't overdo it. It grates on people's nerves at times.
3. Introductory posts aren't required, only do so if you want. Please don't spam with one-liners, though.
4. No bashing/flaming of any other members. Doing so will only result to an automatic ban. Try to stay friendly.
5. Fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, pictures, icons and wallpapers should all be under LJ-cut. Teasers are fine, but please limit it.
6. Please rate your fiction if it has some mature content. Label it with either R or NC-17.
7 Other than that, that is all, just remember to have fun, since that is the aim of the community.

Feel free to post anything Hinamori-related; fanworks, discussions, anything. All Hina-pairings are welcome, whether you wave the flag of HitsuHina, AizenMomo, or others! For easy access throughout the community, most of the posts will be filtered through our memory system by either of our two mods, enjoy yourselves by using that function!

Direct questions/comments to:
Moderator: shyunpo
Moderator: celira

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Want to be an affiliate? Feel free to contact a mod! Or poke around at recent posts and leave a message there. ^_^

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