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Layouts, Icons, Banners, & More!

Layouts, Icons, Graphics & more!
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credit to: rainbow_booger @ _premadelayouts for the layout! :D

T h e  R u l e s:

o1. P L E A S E place a banner in your profile. banners can easily be found -->H E R E<--.

o3. previous layouts are automatically credited to link back to me, so no additional crediting is required.

o4. make sure you have a WEBSITE listed in your USERINFO! it can be livejournal, yahoo, a porno site - doesn't matter. just make sure you got on in there. the layouts wont work unless you have this fixed

o5. enjoy =)

I f   Y o u:

  • got a layout & something went wrong? check my Oops! post.

  • want to be a co-mod? help post some layouts? can make icons/animations? leave a comment at this entry.

  • have comments/questions? want to be a sister? see HERE

  • saw a layout you liked but can't remember it? Check the Layout Archive. every single layout is there!

  • have a great idea that you're DYING to see on a layout? see the Suggestion Post :)

  • want some examples? check out toastybananas01; its where i always test out my layouts

  • o u r   S i s t e r s:

    ^ I'M A MOD THERE ^

    I m a g e  C r e d i t s:
    atlantisees header/bg images for these layouts: alone/winter, central park,
    northern lights, purple boat, road, spring, spring (green), winter path

    & for making several of the userinfo banners

    moonfall for the header in my Hammock layout

    `SeaFairy for the header in my Sparkley Eyes layout