For those in love

We shall be in love till the end

Untill The End I Will Always Love You
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This is NOT a rating community. We welcome anyone who is in love no matter what! We want everyone to feel welcome.

1) Don`t be rude to any members or MODs or you will be banned. We won't tolerate drama.
2) You must fill out an application in order for us to get to know you and your s/o a little bit.
3) When posting pictures you must use an lj cut
4) When posting long entries you must use an lj cut.
5) You have to be active or you will get a strike. If something comes up please contact me or one of the co*mods who will contact me so you don't get a strike.
6) If you are a co*mod you have to stay active and keep up with your responsiblites. If something comes up please tell me so I can take over for you until you return.
7) This is not a community to promote in. If you want to promote then you have to contact me by email or AIM and if it is a love related community maybe but it must be approved by me!
8) When posting your application you have to put 'We are in love' in the subject line and 'Kiss me sweet' as the lj cut so we know that you read the rules. If you don't then your application will be deleted.
9) When you join you must post your application within 24 hours or it will automaticly be rejected unless you have a vaild reason why it was not posted.
10) All entries must be friends only. If you forget I will remind you but if you don't fix it then you will get a strike.
11) Please follow the rules. They aren`t hard, they are common sense.

Just copy and paste that! ^_^ I figured that I would make it simple for everyone!

7th - xxxsweetmisery

25th - so0_in_l0vex3

20th - pinkslipper_
23rd - go_retro_go
26th - shscutie917
27th - nvsmds_1022


24th - o524o3

2nd - hoochie_boo

30th - capturedxfaith

27th - hypodermic_pie

9th - touchyourthighs
23rd - neveragain303
24th - m_brown_eyes [dating anniversary]

8th - kicksandcake
14th - _justforoneday
26th - xxtoxic_babiix
30th - abreadcrumnfish

10th - iluv_lilpumpkin
13th - wishful_think11

4th - druidflower
11th - m_brown_eyes [wedding anniversary]

*if you want me to add a date or change a date because I got it wrong please tell me*

Sunday ~*~ pinkslipper_
Monday ~*~ abreadcrumnfish
Tuesday ~*~ xsouthernl0ve
Wednesday ~*~ pinkslipper_
Thursday ~*~ _justforoneday
Friday ~*~ capturedxfaith
Saturday ~*~ xsouthernl0ve

_justforoneday will be taking over for capturedxfaith until she starts doing her responsiblity until then we have _justforoneday ^_^

*if any of you can't do your day please let me know and i'll do it for you or if another co*mod would be kind enough to take it then that is fine. just try and let know about 12-24 hours ahead of time. thanks guy!*


*These people have been kicked out. They are not allowed to re-join*

*No one has strikes and I would really like to keep it that way. I really don't want to give people strikes but after today [January 23,2005] I am going to start enforcing the rules more and I will start giving people strikes so please just follow the rules*


*Please join these great communities. I am a part of some of them and I acually own one of them so please if you are into love communities join some!*

pinkslipper_ - MOD
xsouthernl0ve - Co*Mod
abreadcrumnfish - Co*Mod
capturedxfaith - Co*Mod
_justforoneday - Co*Mod

*We are here to help run this community and keep things going. We will not tolerate any drama or discrimination. We want everyone here to feel welcome. If you want to talk about something you can rant here its perfect fine as long as it is love related. But please if someone gives leaves you a comment just be respectful. Its not that hard. The co*mods and myself will ban you if you start any drama*

aim - cruelcandykissox
email - xbabinot4ux@aol.com
yahoo - aussie0320@yahoo.com

aim - xOx Ride A Cowboy

aim - sarolapervoi
email - sarolapervoi@bellsouth.net

aim - happyxendn
email - guilty_as_they_come@yahoo.com
yahoo - guilty_as_they_come

When promoting please please please use one of these banners! I made it simple for everyone to use just copy the information below the banner and paste it into wherever. You can use more than one or you can use one it doesn`t matter. Thanks!