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For those in love [entries|friends|calendar]
Untill The End I Will Always Love You

This is a community for people in love.
All relationships are welcome here.
We don't judge or reject anyone.
We love to share pictures and give advice.
We aren't like ANY community around.
So come join us.

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12:15am February 26th]

[ mood | sad ]

this community is like dead

so i am leaving

i dunno if i told you guys or not .. but my boyfriend is missing and so far no words. He been missing for a week. Anyone who has any ideas on what to do please comment and tell me. I am always looking for new ideas to do :)

anyone is welcome to add me if they want.. i'll add you back :)

love me.

6:18pm December 7th]


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


looking for new active members
dedicated mods
lots of fun activities, games, daily discussions
be the sweet sexy thang of the month
compete, join the fun, share your ideas
plus a point/reward system

join now!
love me.

Introduction... [Tuesday
2:12pm November 22nd]

[ mood | geeky ]

Okay, I just posted my application. I'd just like to say hi to everyone and thanks for having me. I have no clue how to do half the stuff you guys do on this site, I'm still learning so work with me. I'm in the process of getting some pictures of Andrew and I on here. If you do want to see pictures though, I have a MySpace page, so here's the link. http://blog.myspace.com/manxdee

love me.

We're In Love... [Tuesday
2:06pm November 22nd]

[ mood | curious ]

Read more...Collapse )

love me.

We Are In Love [Sunday
9:42pm October 2nd]

Kiss Me SweetCollapse )
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x posed everywhere [Friday
11:38am September 30th]




♥ Jessica Loves Mike ♥

**True love never dies**
love me.

12:48am July 15th]

Hey I have a community that Im in need of promotional banners, accepted and rejected banners, and background. Maybe even a layout. I love the one here. If anyone is willing to help I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU!!! ::smile:: -Aubree
love me.

1:40am June 19th]

[ mood | thankful ]

ok so its been kind of difficult to post in any of my communities that I have join because I dont have a computer anymore. If you are wondering were I am right now Ill tell you. Im in Nathans room. Finally Im near the love of my life. Its been so long since Ive been able to post so to sum this all up...January 27th I was scared in school getting called out because my mom needed me. The only reason that ever happened was because someone died. Well when I walked out the school doors there was Nathan standing there as my big surprise. For five beautiful days we were together, then I had to let him go again. Then in March on the 17th I went and flew to TX to see him. For about 11 days we were together having ever moment to ourselves and even when we werent completely alone, we were because looking in his eyes is such a dream all I could see was him and no one else. Sadly I had to leave him again but June 9th I flew to OH to meet him and his mom who were staying with his family. He actually wanted me to meet his family so I did. Needless to say they all liked me so I am officially apart of the family lol. That Sunday Nathan his mom and I flew out of OH to TX where I am right now. Im meeting new people and making new friends. Seeing a part of life that I could only imagine. Im supposed to stay til the 13th of July but there are friends that want me to stay later for a decades dance that they are having. Im looking forward to it so finally Ill be at a dance with Nathan, since we missed prom and all. I love him so much. Just a little before January I was wondering when I was ever going to see him and how hard it really was to not be able to and then here we are in June and Ive seen him three times now. I love him so much. My love grew even more in person. Everything is wonderful between us. Im so happy and I wanted to share. So please forgive me for being a bad member. ::smile:: I love Nathan

love me.

1:48pm June 2nd]

[ mood | loved ]

Its our 1 year anniversary today. He couldnt make it, but i was just surprised with roses and 6 balloonss!!! yay they are so beautiful :) i love him..*sigh* ok we are on the phone now, i love this man! LOVEEE HIIMMMM!!

Christine <3 Brian 6*2*04 & Always

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Journalism article & LDRs [Sunday
11:51pm April 10th]


Hey all. I'm doing a journalism article on college students and long distance relationships, and I was wondering if a few of you would be interested in helping me out by filling this out for me. You can email it all to me at mj232@dana.ucc.nau.edu and I will be SO forever grateful! Thanks!

  • Name and age: (whole name if you’re comfortable with that)
  • Significant other’s name (first is okay)?
  • How long have you been together?
  • How long has it been an LDR?
  • Reason it is long distance?
  • Hardest part about being in an LDR?
  • Is there a good part about being in an LDR?
  • How often do you get to talk to your SO?
  • What do you think about college students and long distance relationships? Does it take away from the ‘college experience’ or add to it at all? How so?
  • Any other thoughts/feelings on long distance relationships?

Thanks bunches! (xposted to several love/LDR/boyfriend communities)

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First Update [Sunday
6:24pm April 10th]

[ mood | musical ]

i decided that now would be a good time for my first post as a member. Yesterday, derek and i had our four month anniversary of dating. i decided since i haven't ever posted i would tell everyone about our history together.



we knew eachother from health in 9th grade and we got to be friends while i was dating one of his friends. then my boyfriend (derek's friend) moved. and i was single again. so one night we were both at a party out one of our friends house and we got really close and were holding hands and stuff. so before i left i told him he could call me whenever he got home from the party. around midnight my phone rang and it was him and we decided we should hang out more often. so we did, and we talked and got to know eachother. one night i invited him to one of my swim meets in december and he came which made me really happy. while i was resting after my last event he sat down next to me and asked me to be his girlfriend. of course, i said yes. that was four months ago. he makes me really happy and it's nice to have a boyfriend who will listen to me because i talk...A LOT. so it's really nice that he doesn't mind. i really do love him. and i remember the first time i told him was on valentine's day and it was the best feeling ever. it's nice to know that you can love somebody and they love you back. and i'm really hoping that we stay together for a long time, because i can definately see myself with him in the future..



leave some comments <333

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10:06pm April 2nd]

I got my hair done today, and I'm excited about it! I've had blond highlights in my hair since 7th grade, I almost forgot what my natural color looks like. Today I went and tinted my hair back to it's normal brown, and put some red highlights in it. Here's some before and after pictures!!!

Yay new hair!!Collapse )

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1:27pm April 1st]

me and nic broke up like a month ago .. sorry i havent kept up with the community. ive been so bummed i havent even been online.. so should i leave the cmmunity or stay??
2 love me.

1:16pm March 21st]

[ mood | giddy ]

My baby bought me a bracelet just becuse lol i LOVE it!!!! i put a pic off the website lol but it kinda looks different the stones are more of a baby blue color and the parts that just look like silver chunks there are diamonds in in each space in between the blue topaz :) Ilove my baby so much I dont kno what i would do without him :) Im going to see him on friday!!!! Im so excited :) he lives in Long Island and doesnt have a car right now so times are hard so my best friend and i are driving to him :) im so excited i cant wait to just huh him and kiss him and feel his face and arms and gaaahhhh so excited :) ok thats my rant lol   Read more...Collapse )  

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6:27pm March 14th]

My boyfriend is getting out of the Marines!!!! HE'LL BE HOME FOR GOOD TOMORROW!!!!

I'm so excited!!!
2 love me.

*updates* [Thursday
4:10pm March 3rd]

Well, as some of you know, Mark is in the Marines. He's getting a medical discharge though, and he should be home within the next few weeks!! I'm really excited about it, I haven't seen him for 2 motnhs now (it's been longer) and I miss him soooooo much!!

He hasn't gotten his final letter saying he can leave, but I'll definitly be updating when he does. That'll be the cherry on top of my YEAR. lol
love me.

Co*Mod - Leaving :o( [Tuesday
8:49pm February 22nd]

Hey everyone, sorry for never being active or fulfilling my duties as a co*mod, but I've been pretty busy around here and I'm in so many communities that unfortunately I'm just going to have to leave some. I'll miss everyone thought!! Keep in touch, if you like!

<3 Lauren
love me.

We're In Love [Tuesday
4:00pm February 22nd]

[ mood | sick ]

Kiss Me SweetCollapse )

2 love me.

5:54pm February 14th]

Are you Drop Dead Gorgeous? Join!
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2:55pm February 9th]

1. Do you have a bf/gf?: Yes
2. Do you have a crush?: Only on Joseph!
3. How long have you liked him/her: Hmm 6 months, 7 months ish
4. Why do you like this person?: He's gorgeous, and Flawless and Amazing.
5. How long was you longest relationship?: A year and 8 months
6. How long was your shortest relationship?: A few hours?
7. Who was your first love?: Thomas
8. What do you miss about them?: Sitting on his balcony, Just so innocent.
love me.

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