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tig_'s Journal

Trapped In Glass
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nos·tal·gi·a, n: A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

This is a multi-purpose community. Pertaining to any form of nostalgia from the past. Something that you took to heart. Or are just extremely intrested in. From 8tracks to the atari, and from one period in time to another. Feel free to have open discussions, create icons, claim things and people, submit quizzes, or do polls. The community for those who lived and loved it. So what's your form of nostalgia?



* If a post is too long or you submit anything, please be courteous and use the lj cut feature.

* You may make a request from this community, but don't do so without putting into it as well. (What would a community be without participation?) Share and care when requesting please.

* If someone shares anything with this community don't go downtalking. If you have something negative you absolutely have to share, use constructive critique. (Feed backs are good you know) But there is a right and wrong way. And no one likes to be harrassed.

* Only 10 claims per person for the first 10 people. (excluding the maintainer who won't have any claims.)The next 10 can have 5 claims. Anyone there after can have 1 claim. Unless they have done something for this community to have earned more claims.


- Claims List

- Hopefully those will be the only rules I'll ever need for this community. And keep most problems from arising. Remember to use common sense and have fun. :)

December 3rd

I've returned back home, and have only just been back shortly. Hopefully everything went well while I was away. Just want to send out a big thanks to Lunaticj and Agentaeris for all the help. Thankies mucho you two for looking after the communties while I was gone! :D