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I ♥ The 80s

I was watching VH1 the other day and they were showing reruns of I Love The 80s Strikes Back.
A wonderful, wonderful show.

Just wondering if there were any other fans out there ^^
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Thunder... thunder... thunder... THUNDERCATS!!! OOOOOOOHH!!!!

(Crossposted from my own journal, let's see if there's any change in the results!)

Poll #151170 Thundercats

Who was the best from the original Thundercats?

Lion-O - he was the leader, after all.
Tygra - without him, there'd be no Cat's Lair, and he can be invisible too!
Panthro - you just can't get any cooler: older and wiser, he designed the Thundertank, and those cool battlesticks...
Cheetara - she's almost invincible, her speed, her staff, and those premonitions...
Willy-Kit and Willy-Kat - FUN!
Jaga - everybody would want to have such guidance and advice
Snarf - MEOW!
Ancient Spirits... need I say more?
Slithe, Jackalman, Monkian, Vultureman, Ratar-O...
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Lol when i think about it, i wonder if tig_ is for me? i mean i know i joined cause i know its owner, but it does intrest me alot. But people would to say im to young to like the old stuff, or have strong memories of the past. what past? its recent when you put it into perspective. Yet and eternity when you look at it. Who knows. But i have come up with 6 claims. so here they are.

1: Samurai Pizza Cats - And old show that was on when i was like 4 years old. First anime i ever saw, it was the greatest thing, and made me smile everyday.

2: Gyver - The biotech warrior! (something along those lines) i remember it was an anime, never saw that, but i saw a movie once..left me in awe, ill never forget it.

3: Ace of Base - Singer, she was great

4: Quddus (MTV VJ) - Reminded me an alful lot of myself (looks and personality)

5: Prodigy (Nostalgia in the making) I will never forget Prodigy's music

6: Smallville - The first TV show in a LONG time to intrest me, reminded me of reading superhero stuff as a kid
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I claim
Die from Dir en grey
Kaoru from Dir en grey
Kyo from Dir en grey
Ruka from Nightmare
Yomi from Nightmare
Yura-SAMA from Psycho le cemu
Kirito from Pierrot
Sakito from Nightmare
Toshiya from Dir en grey
Shinya from Dir en grey

Just wanted to update by saying

I can now make layouts for paid users. And do minimal assistance with overrides. But be gentle with me, as I'm new to it ;o And just getting the hang of it all. So if anyone requires assistance. I'm willing to give it my best shot. Also wanted to say that I find Cyndi Lauper's music to be very nostalgic lately. Reminds me of times that I used to jump on the bed as a kid. :)
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A nostalgia community? Love the idea :)
Well, technically I'm not old enough to be "really" nostalgic, but lately I've been on a huge pog kick.
POGs, the little paper discs that caused such a frenzy in my second grade years
Hikaru from Angelic Layer; my namesake
Match Game, old game show hosted by Gene Rayburn
Oswald, the kiddie TV show
Jim Adkins, lead singer for Jimmy Eat World
Beanie Babies, because I still have so many
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the greatest movie ever
Legolas from Lord of the Rings
Pokémon cards, because I still have mine

I really miss weird stuff, don't I...
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Well here I am, hi. Just stumbled across this community...I think it's a great idea. If you like, I can advertise for it a bit in a week or so when I get to advertise my few claiming communities. I know this isn't just a claiming community, so I'd make that clear...if you like. :)

Anyhow, I've recently been thinking about things that invoke some nostalic's funny I happened to find this place. So to keep in spirit with the idea of this community, these are all things that cause nostalgia because of the memories associated with them.

Welcome Back Kotter (tv show)
Get Smart (tv show)
Impossible Mission (an old Apple ][ game)
Batman (the old 1966 tv series)
"Freedom from Stress" self hypnosis
The Evil Dead
Whose Line is it Anyway? (1998 series)
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
Dr. Demento